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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Love the choices


I love the app and it helps me sleep, I use mostly the ocean one though because the first one (the original) has a dip in it that pulls me out every time. It’s like a dip in volume for about a second. If you fix that I’ll give 5 stars. Overall worth the money.

Worth it in my opinion


I’ve been listening to the website for years now. I’m so happy I found the app. It’s been free for years for me, so the $2 or so I had to pay was 100% worth it. Still love using it every night.

Peaceful Sounds


I live the sounds of this app. From the moment I first heard it I knew I needed to have it. Had to get the full version. The only feature I would like to see added is support for Airplay 2. Otherwise this is perfect.


Kitty [email protected]

I absolutely love this app. It helps me do my homework, study, and if music is getting boring this white noise is super peaceful. I do all my work while listening to the peaceful rain or crashing waves hit the shore, it’s so cool! I only wish that there was a rainforest option because that would be super cool.🐾

Not to be rude...


...But what kind of idiot makes a detailed rain sim app and doesn’t make it available for Apple TV? Who wants to hold their phone to go to sleep? Weird.



Always puts me to sleep no matter how stressed or sick I am. I love how you can change how loud certain things are too. Best app!

Love it but please fix the bugs!


Best rain app, use it every night. I use only with rain sounds but as soon as an alarm or a phone call happen, it switches to annoying birds and thunder and I have to wake up enough to undo the birds and thunder...each time the phone rings! Please fix!

Best white noise for baby


I’ve used this every night and nap for 14 months. The lightening or chirps of gulls can be customized for different occasions. For example if she’s asleep and I need to clean up downstairs the random strikes or bird calls help to disguise any bumps or thuds she may hear while I’m downstairs. At night when it’s peaceful we just use the waves and rain. It’s perfect for us!

Improve what’s good to become great

Boo the titan

I wish we had more options as in variations of more sounds or even different environments and I wish the classic resembled the web version more. I use this app almost daily as I love it in my sleep routine

great purchase!!


this app helps me so much for studying, meditating, napping, and more. i love how i can customize it to my liking by changing the setting of the storm, as well as the prominence of the background noises. 10/10!

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