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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

What happened to Airplay?


I don’t use this app often, but in the past I used Airplay to send the rainy mood audio to my Apple TV > Receiver > bedroom speakers. The airplay functionality has changed so that now I can only do screen mirroring, which essentially results in the same audio output but absolutely kills my battery and is less convenient than Airplay because it prevents me from having other content displaying on my iPad while playing rainy mood through the speakers. It is an app killer and I now wonder what I paid for this.

Literally the best


This app, is by far the best, with it being just a nice white noise, you can actually hear the droplets of water and I personally love the sound of thunderstorms with crickets. Best thing I play it on a timer every night before bed. 💯💯💯💯

Fantastic App but has a bug or two


This is hands down an amazing app. However Everytime I connect to my bluetooth and get a text on my Mac, the sound stops on the app. Also, the sound will not start on the app until I start to play my Spotify app then I the sound will start then I have to pause Spotify to heae this sound.

I Prefer The Desktop Version


I use both, but prefer the desktop one better. There is a difference in the timbre of the rain & thunder that is a bit more pleasing to my ears on the desktop version. The is just okay, because of this. It’s not bad, I just find the oldskool way more satisfying.


Har Har wat

It rarely rains where I live and rainy days are so nostalgic and peaceful to me. I have Rainy Mood playing in the background as I read FanFiction and do homework. Without it the experience isn’t as good for some reason. Rainy Mood + Music is the ultimate combo.

Great but could be more user friendly


I grew up with the rainy mood website and now that we have an app, it's awesome! I just wish that your be able to adjust the music volume from your background apps as well as the rain just in case you want your music more in the background rather than drowning out the rain sounds! Is this something you could program in? I'll totally give this 5 stars if independent volume control is added. Then it'd truly be like the website I remember! Thank you!!


Gbilly (the G is silent)

How did I ever fall asleep without you rainy mood?

Best ambient app


There still isn’t a better, fuller, more real soundtrack than Rainy Mood out there.

Best app EVER!


I’ve been using Rainy Mood for 4 years now & I highly recommend it for anyone, so relaxing!

Love this app, but it’s now broken


I need this for sleep, that means I need the screen to sleep without losing sound. Don’t know when this changed as I use it nightly. Please fix