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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.



plssss release an update where you can control the volume of the rain and so when you open your music in a different app, the rain volume can be changed differently, as well as the music app volume different. That way Aaliyah is not blasting in my ear while I can barely hear the rain 😭 basically being able to manipulate the volume of rain while in the app but once exited out of, the volume can be changed for everything but that

Disingenuous description


Claimed to have 400+ unique sounds in the description but in reality, they mean that there are that many sounds that loop at some point, which may not even be true. There are only 14 actual sounds to pick from, with half of them mediocre in quality. I’ll be going back to Rain Rain.

Nice app!

Cinmon Suuflay

Warm review for Rainy Mood definitely highly deserved. Peaceful app, simple to use!

I Love it BUT


Please please please add more varieties of rain like your website. Please. I love this. I really like Rainy Mood. The website has been one of my favorites for many years and I definitely like it during an anxiety attack. For whatever reason I can’t get the website to play anymore with the screen sleeps on my phone so I decided to purchase the app. I don’t buy them often. Now, it’s nice to customize and there are a couple options but I would really like to see some of the rainstorms that the website has on the app. The website is random but it would be wonderful to have those options on the app. I really like some of the ones on the site that are not in the app. Please keep adding options. Montians, forest, tin roofs, etc. Thank You.

There’s a bug in Cafe Mode


I really like the cafe mode, but without the background noise/chatter. I have turned everything off except the rain, but I still hear people talking. Please fix this.

My Sandman


I put this on every night and every time I nap. It’s so good. Puts me right out. It’s so soothing. It’s also great for when I’m working on art but don’t really want to listen to music or silence. Just love this lil app. It’s perfect <3

Not loud enough


The app is fantastic by itself, but if you ever combine it with Spotify/Apple Music, Rainy Mood is so much quieter than the music that it's not worth the trouble. Still great on its own, but I would like to use it more with music.

Worked for an hour and then died


Restarted the app and clicked play. No sound is being generated.

Sleep aid


I’ve been sleeping with this “white noise” app for three years now.

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