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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.


Halo Kilgan

Honestly a godsend paired with my noise cancelling headphones. My roommates on either side of my room have a tendency of being way too loud and even sometimes blasting music in the middle of the night. I pop my headphones on and have this app going and the noise is almost completely drowned out. Well worth it for sure.



When I’m in that extra snug mood, I turn this on right after I turn on the humidifier. It’s the combo to send me right to la la land!!! Love it.


momma zzz

This app has improved my sleep. It obscures the sounds of cars in the morning and remarkably the hubs snoring too! I love that you can adjust the ambient sounds with in the app! Going to sleep to rain is calming and Waking to rain is a much more gradual awakening and sound quality is great!!!!



Love everything, please get rid of the ‘Cafe’ and change it with a more peaceful option. There’s nothing relaxing about loud customers and excess noise. I go to Rainy Mood for that mellow feeling. I love the rain choice of course and the ocean which is my favorite.

Sleep Aid


If you’re looking for an app to help kill silence, this is the app. I use this app in a variety of settings. I use it while studying, as I fall asleep, during hangouts, as I shower, to help soothe snoring. The sounds from this app have totally helped improve my mental wellness. Sometimes I’m tired of hearing music, as much as I love it, but to hear the ocean, then close my eyes and picture it. Nothing compares. This app is a great stand alone but also is compatible with any orchestra piece you’d like to hear. It adds a new dimension. I had a roommate who snores heavily and whenever I turned this app on, my friend’s snoring decreased in intensity. I’ve enjoyed this app for the past couple years and I hope to use it for many more!

Love this app but...


... in the Ocean page, the track Surf contains what sounds like a recurrent “sniff” every time the loop ends. Maybe I’m just being picky, but when you’re trying to fall asleep and this “sniff” comes up... it’s somewhat disturbing. Other than that, great app!!

Best tool on the market


I use rainy mood religiously. Every night before bed, I turn down the covers, start the application and go change into pajamas and brush my teeth. This is great if you love the beach, rain, need help to block out noise. All of the above! Top-notch.

Sound of rain


I love the sound of rain and this app is perfect.

Okay, BUT...


I want to first say that I do like the app, but have a couple issues with it. First, the sound effects cannot be set to random (like how the website version normally operates) so I can either have birds constantly chirping in my ear or not at all. Second, and most importantly, the app doesn’t integrate with the iPhone’s (not sure about androids) sound UI, so if you try to pause it with a controller on your headphones, you will start playing Apple Music over the rainy mood audio (though in some ways, that could be seen as a plus for some people). These are merely improvements, aside from those issues, the app works as you would probably expect.


clockwork automaton

I really love this app and it has absolutely helped me get to sleep. Really the only additional thing I could possibly want from it would be for the sleep timer to default back to the time it was last set at. It's a relatively minor inconvenience so I'd still day the app is perfect.

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