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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Must have Rainy Mood


This app is hands down the best app I have ever purchased. It has sea noise, country rain, cafe background noise, and regular rain noise. It’s so relaxing, and you can customize what you hear and how much of it you hear. Definitely a 10 out of 10! ❤️☔️

Audio cuts in and out and it is infuriating


I wish this all did offline rain but I wasted $3. Audio cuts out despite having fast internet speeds.

I love it!


I live in the desert so I hardly ever have rainy days of my own. This is really nice to out on with some music in the background.

Love it!


I love this app! Great choices of sounds to fall asleep to.

Love it


Best sleep ever. I slept like a baby. Can’t believe the quality of sleep when I turn this app on. Simply love it.

Such an amazing app


This app does exactly what I wanted my little rain cds to do when I was younger, puts me to sleep every night😁

Love this app.


It provides a nice soothing tone to fall asleep to and calms me down even at my most frazzled.

Stick to the free website


The sound quality of the rain is somehow of a poorer quality than that free website. I agree with the rest of the reviews: unless they fix it, I’m going to stick with the free site. Maybe if I had never heard the free site I would have enjoyed it more. If you’re really all about the rain or used rainymood before I don’t suggest you buy it unless you’re dedicated or just want to support the developers.

Would love support for Chromecast


Would love support for Chromecast

Very fake rain sound

Paul Cambrige

These type of rain sound and thunder combinations can easily found on YouTube for free. You can clearly hear the rain sound switching gap in this app. Thunder sound is realistic, but the rain sound is also simply way too fake.