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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Best app ever


I’ve been using this app for years now and it’s absolutely amazing. I use it for sleep and studying. It’s perfect. You could add some sounds tho cause they haven’t changed in a while. Maybe a calm river sound or something. But over all 10/10 app. It’s amazing.

Super limited


4 options only, Not nearly as customizable or diverse as they lead you to believe in the description. Not worth paying the money when plenty of free apps offer the same quality and options!

Broken for iPhone 11 Pro Max


Im switching back to the free online version at rainymood.com. The app has more options, however something breaks when my alarm goes off in the morning. After snoozing my alarm, the options I selected (turning off Bird noises) revert back to default and its very loud.

Monsoon magic!


It’s a brilliant app! The one things I missed in California were the Indian monsoons. Love the freedom to customize and choose between where it’s raining and how much rain/thunder etc. The cafe is my favorite setting when I work from home and countryside when I’m just reading or going to bed. It runs alongside anything else you’re doing on the phone/computer. I discovered it in grad school and it’s still perfect:)

Heck yeah brother

hanna harvey

countryside rain is best girl

24 hour medicine


This app helps me 24 hours a day! It’s playing during sleep, it’s the background music to morning yoga, it keeps going throughout the day for meditation, work, study. I can focus better. It filters out all the chaotic energy while driving. I love it!

You get what you ask for.

Carl Vitasa

Awesome app that does what you expect. The only critique I have is that when removing my AirPods it doesn’t automatically pause (which is not mandatory) but instead plays loudly on my phones speakers. Took me off guard. If this was fixed I’d find it pretty much perfect.

Love it


It’s the best for relaxing sounds

Love RainyMood!


Simple to use, highly customizable without being overwhelming, sounds good, and has a sleep timer. Best similar app I’ve tried!

If you can’t fall asleep...


Get this app. I moved from the country to a very noisy city and was so confused as to why the trees were no longer screaming at night (frogs and cicadas and all that). I couldn’t sleep at all. I use the country setting on this app now and sleep like a baby. Definitely worth it 👍🏼

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