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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Why pay when the website is better


Only 4 sound options for $2.99 and not even any good ones. It barely has the rain sound unlike the website which is a life saver. I whole heartedly regret buying this. Why all the 5 star reviews? Can't trust anyone I guess.

Love it

MannyI really love the game

Helps me sleep



I love it! I can't sleep without it!

This is heaven....


So clear...never distorted. Love having gulls with my ocean, birds with my rain. Best sound app I've found to date! Highly recommend. (In fact I do). ;-)

Worth it.

Golf whiskey mike

This app was recommended to me a couple years ago by a good friend, and I've bought plenty of dumb things over the years, but this isn't one of them. I play this over some nice speakers when I want to get a really refreshing night in. Worth it, especially since it doesn't have any of the nonsense in similar apps.

Literally so relaxing!


This app is so relaxing and soothing. If you like working or sleeping to the sounds of rain, I highly recommend this app. You can mix the sounds and make one sound stand out more than the others. I love it!

So natural compare to other apps

Why I need a nick name?

I had this app for 4 to 5 years and I play it often when I first have it. Time pass and I had problem with sleeping so I look for app with raining sounds. Many on the market who come with great appearance and a lots of features, but their sound effect wasn't natural. I am glad I had this app. After all those years, it is still the best!

The Best


Best app invented. It soothes me immediately. Great for putting the kids down for a nap. Great for insomnia!

Rainy Mood = Best Mood


I've used Rainy Mood for as long as I can remember and I really love the recent sound additions. Rainy Mood lulls me to sleep every night and helps me stay asleep, which is no easy feat considering that I deal with frequent bouts of insomnia. There are many white noise and background noise apps, but Rainy Mood is consistent in getting me to a relaxed state, which makes it a really great anxiety reducing tool as well. Factoring all that in with its easy controls and customization aspects, Rainy Mood is definitely one of the best sound generators on the App Store right now :)



I love rainy mood!! I turn the bird sounds off and put the thunder on low so it's a distant rumble--and sleeeeeeep!!! Love to curl up under the covers like the pouring rain is just outside.