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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.



Sometimes I can’t sleep. Listening to the rain makes lying awake less stressful and boring. There are little noises in the background that I wait for. I ran across this app by chance a while back and have been listening ever since. It is very easy to use especially compared to finding similar items on a music service. Rainy Mood is among the best things I have ever gotten for free.

Wish they had a creek

Bible app is good

I love the app. Love the customizability of the different sounds. Wish they had a mountain stream or creek.

Simply the best relaxing app out there!


It’s a simple approach with great sound recordings and it works great what more could you ask for. I’ve used their website for years and this was the very first app I bought when I got a smart phone.

Wide verity of options

Deborah Hatcher

I loved how you could adjust the settings,background sounds,and where it took place.It was very pleasing to me

Amazing app. But could you have more options?


I love this app. I just wish i had more options. Like rain from inside a car or under a porch. I really only listen to the rain and thunder. I don’t use the ocean, country side, or café. I just wish I could have rain from different places. Like a tin roof or normal shingles. Or the inside of a car. Driving or not.

Absolutely the best

Tony Morapoles

This has me falling asleep in less than 10 minutes and waking up refreshed. It’s wonderful!



The best!!



I love it but it could have some other features. I would like to have more rain sound choices and add quiet music. I prefer the original rain soundscapes over the cafe and ocean.

Very good


Very good app to help me concentrate when I’m studying and working. Hopefully there will be more sound combinations soon.

Peaceful Sleep

Sleepy time nite nite!

I love this app! I highly recommend it. It has improved my sleep schedule and helps me sleep more soundly throughout the night. You should get this app if you like the sound of rain and want the ability to incorporate other background sounds. Thank you Rainy Mood! ;)

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