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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Sleep timer broken


Sleep timer causes the app to crash. Needs to be fixed!! The app drains too much battery without that capability.



The free website is louder, and has better/more thunder than the $3 app.



Enjoy but should be able to rotate. Lets make it happen!

Worth every penny

Uber Guitar Dude

Always used the site during school to try and rest my mind in between classes or after a long day. Nice to have an app on my phone now for travel or quick naps. Love it and would recommend.



Rainy days were always my favorite. This helps me fall asleep much quicker. My two year old twins also love it. It used to take them hours to fall asleep, but now when I turn the app on, they get so excited, "yaay it's raining!" They grab their blankets and lay down and they are out within minutes! It's a miracle really. My only complaint is one I see often in the reviews, I wish it had more rain "scenes" for the price I paid. I agree with other users in that there should be a "rain hitting the window" setting. Possibly also a setting of how rain sounds when it hits the roof of your car with some light "traffic" noise. Maybe also a "rain in the hood" setting for us who grew up in the hood, maybe some subtle sirens in the background?? Thanks!

Such a great app!!

Aimee Turner

I live in the country & the crickets are what always put me to sleep!! I've got severe anxiety & this REALLY helps calm me down!



I use this to help sleep on bad nights, drown out annoying noise in occupied rooms (yay, headset), and just relax at my computer or while driving.

Yes, it's actually good.

Tiffany R. C

This app is great. It helps me relax from stressful days. I love it. Just wish it had more options. As of right now I only see 3.


St. Tray

So relaxing it has me sleeping like the dead in no time!

I like just wish there was more


I really like this app. Just wish there was more sleep sounds.