Rainy Mood Reviews

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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

Decent app!

Instagram ~ itscadence

I got this app because I loved & used the website so much. It has a few different rain environment(?) settings.. ocean, classic, cafe & country side.. the particular sounds can be customized to your liking (i.e. you can turn the thunder down or make it louder than the rain/other sounds in comparison). It plays in the background so it doesn’t stop with the pause/play as the music app would in the control center which I actually like. I can’t even remember how much I paid for it - $2 or $3. I wish it had more rainy settings like some others have said rain on the window, or a more intense thunderstorm, or even another version of the classic sound. You can tell it’s the same (short) track on repeat but it’s calming nonetheless. Android phones give you all this and then some for free :( ... overall not bad.

Worth the price

Christine Ophelia

I never pay for apps, but Rainy Mood was well worth the $3 price tag. I’ve loved Rainy Mood since it was just a website back in 2007/2008. I work in an office where I can have headphones in all day, and sometimes office life can get pretty stressful. I put on Rainy Mood, which allows Spotify or Audible to run concurrently, and wrap my blanket around myself and de-stress. I love that each environment has a different kind of rain, and that it waxes and wanes as real rain does. I can’t recommend this app enough - my two favorite work friends also use Rainy Mood! 100% recommend. Would give 6 stars if I could. Thanks Rainy Mood!

A great app to relax


I review very few apps, but this one is good. Most rain sounds on Spotify and YouTube are crap. This one really captures the feel of rain outside. The best part of this app is I can use it while listening to Spotify. I really enjoy the cafe mode while listening to some acoustic music. 5 stars for relaxation throughout the day. I hope they add more environments, although I don’t know what else there is to add

Must have


I am someone who literally cannot sleep in silence, every little sound wakes me if it’s dead quiet. So when I travel and can’t bring my fan with my rainy days is my saving grace. It creates the perfect amount of sound that is soothing and allows me to drop off into a peaceful and deep sleep.

My most used app!


I swear I nearly have this thing on 24/7. When I go to sleep, when I watch a movie, when I have music on and I’m cleaning the house, reading, etc. I like how you can control each individual sound to better suit your needs! However I do agree with other reviewers, rain hitting a window pane would be wonderful! Other than that, I have 0 complaints.

Didn’t liked it.


It is not what I expected. Downloaded a free one before and thought this was going to be better but nope. I rather use the old one. Can i get my money back?

10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Works the best for the apps I’ve had.


By far one of my most favorite things to put on right before bed, always calms me down and puts me to sleep. Coming from a person who loves thunderstorms the way you can change the settings to have more thunder and less rain makes it by far one of the better apps I’ve tried. It puts you in a state that you can control with the environmental sounds. 11/10 would recommend. Worth the buy. Plus with the new updates it’s not just the classic rain fall, countryside is by far my favorite one of them all (for the soul facts of crickets chirping in the background), but now it offers ocean, and cafe. Plus if you want you can still play some soft tone music in the background and fluctuated how long the music is over the rain and thundering. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ five stars

A wonderful calming app!


I like to sit in coffeeshops and restaurants and use my iPad. Sometimes, the surrounding noises can really distract me. This helps to both mask those noises and to calm me down so I can focus. As a bonus, it will keep playing until you stop it, even if an app would normally stop any other sounds that are playing. This came in very handy when I was trying to enjoy a few animated Kindle books with any of the three music playing apps I have, since the Kindle app totally stops any regular music players when you’re viewing a page with an animation. This app keeps right on going, letting me read in peace.

Love the Rain and Thunder sounds!


I love this app, especially living in AZ and now it’s got the Ocean option too, awesome-sauce!!! ...

Great for studying


Currently, I’m studying to the MCAT, so most of my time is spent locked in my room or library. I use the Cafe setting with low chatter and it just feels cozy. It’s like I’m in a nice cafe, really rainy outside, not too many people, barista doing their stuff, a car that passes by once in a while. Really immersive, totally gets me in the studying mood.