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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.



I’ve had some trouble sleeping but this app does the trick for me. I love that I can set a sleep timer and I’m comfortable knowing my phone won’t be blasting this all night. I do agree with the other reviews though, please add more scenes!!! Especially one with rain hitting the windows or inside of a car.

So awesome


I absolutely love this app!! I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that you can still have it playing when you are listening to music! Now I use it super often! It’s really worth it, I love it so much

Love this app!


I love listening to this app at work on stressful days. It lets me calm down to make it through.


Mr.Dr. Ballz

The rain sounds are pretty sweet, and it’s really cool how they have multiple types of settings for the rain. BUT the topper is how you can listen to your music and the rainymood app!! It is crazy and just simply amazing!!

Serenity NOW!!


I was very pleased to find this app, it was and is- exactly what I have been needing without even realizing how much I was missing. I Love a rainy night, and growing up on the ocean, this brings a comforting bubble of bliss to my concrete jungle. These pretzels are making me thirsty.

Love it! Add more sounds!


I absolutely love this app!!! Please bring more sounds to the table like desert winds and mountain winds. Maybe even a Brooke. I love all the features it comes with it’s absolutely worth the $3!

Thanks for it


I love rain and this app help me very well πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

Glad to see an app release


I’ve been a fan of the rainy mood website along with all the music they share on there for years; I’m glad to see they’ve released an app and feel confident in purchasing it to support them. My suggestions for improvement would be to include those artist recommendations from the website on the app, and also include different types of rain sounds as well. Hope to see this app thrive in the future!

Soothing app for the entire family

Picnic crasher

Our entire family enjoys this app. I am I love with this app. The rain is the most soothing sound to have on at night, to put me to sleep. I let it play all night. Work is less stressful with this on all day!

Love it! Needs louder volume.


Love the app! It helps me to drown out the noises from my office and coworkers. Especially the sound of thunder is very realistic. I use the Amazon music App and it works great together. The only thing I would add is louder volume, some songs are loud and I can’t hear the rain.