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Rainy Mood is paid iOS app published by Plain Theory, Inc.

I Prefer The Desktop Version


I use both, but prefer the desktop one better. There is a difference in the timbre of the rain & thunder that is a bit more pleasing to my ears on the desktop version. The app is just okay, because of this. It’s not bad, I just find the oldskool desktop version more satisfying. Update: I’ve been trying to use this app more than the desktop version. I can’t. The original desktop version of the rain & and distant thunderstorm by far is the best. All the options that this app offers doesn’t even compare to the desktop version. Why the app doesn’t have the desktop version of the rain & distant thunder? This app will not play over a WiFi connected audio system. Only Bluetooth. Why?

Been using this app for years


Absolutely my fav of this kind of white-noise app: simple yet amazing. It works extra great with noise-cancelling earphones; this combination (plus some music if you’d like) could help you feel peaceful/calm at any time & occasion.

Best app to listen to white noise


I would say this is one of the best app! I use it almost everyday on the bus after work. It really help to wind you down and escape! The only drawback that I hope developers will fix is once headphone is unplugged, the app should pause or stop the sound. While listening to this app and accidentally pullout headphone or my Bluetooth got disconnected the sound is out and everyone is looking at me. My Spotify auto stop the music when Headphone is disconnected. So I hope this app can work the same.


Jeremy Wang Sun


Excellent Rain Sound Quality


I came across the website almost 10 years ago and I’m happy I’m able to download this as an app on the phone. At work it’s the best when using headphones to drown out noise from cubicles. Also played it during my entire 9 months of pregnancy and loved the relaxation component. The baby loves it too as he falls asleep to it. The sound quality is impressive compared to other apps. You can hear the pitter patter of the rain and it doesn’t sound like white static noise. The transition of the loop is probably it’s best feature. I am satisfied the app has adjustable sound for rain, thunder, and the birds. I also like the simplicity of the app with limited rain sounds. It serves its purpose. 👍🏼

Just what I wanted

Loch Dunn

I love falling asleep with rainy mood and the timer really helps! Studying with this and music helps keep me focused and keep out distractions. I do hope they add a alarm though so I can wake to the sound of rain! 10/10

App is nice but ...


Why do I have to pay again to install on my iPhone? NOT nice.


Johnathan Doeman

I nutted

My Chihuahua and I love it!!!


This app is the best for just looking out the big old window next to the bed, and cuddling with my Chi. She’s not to keen on the thunder if it gets to loud, but the birds and the rain are her thing. We just love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Perfect to anyone who hates studying at home


I can make any place my study spot with this app. I love the sleep timer too—sometimes I’ll need to take a quick nap and putting it on keeps me asleep if I need to sleep. But if I need to stay up and hyper focus, keeping it on in the background is perfect and keeps me calm but concentrated. I love the additions to the rain—that you can make the individual elements to the overall sound higher or lower. It really is the perfect app for Rainymood.com.

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