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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Useless if you depend on communicating with customers via messages


I have downloaded this app many time and keep having to delete it because the messages section of the app doesn’t work. I keep re-downloading it hoping the problem will eventually be fixed, but it never is. As far as I can see, the app works great in all the other areas, but my sales depend on communication with my customers via messages and that part of the app is absolutely useless. I don’t get notifications when I get messages and when I do check the messages, a yellow bar appears at the top of the screen saying “waiting to reconnect” and it just stays there without loading the message. My phone is updated, the app is updated, I have good internet connection. I have spent so much time troubleshooting this stupid problem and nothing works. When I send messages they don’t appear until I close out (swipe up) the app and reopen it each time. This is also true for incoming messages. It’s very frustrating. I end up just using the regular Facebook app (which also doesn’t notify you when new business page messages come in) and just wait for notifications via my email to come in. I find myself paranoid that I’m missing communications from my customers and check my message tab (in the business page) often. Can this be fixed?

Complete garbage


The app is completely broken, has been for months if not years. “Notifications” for your page will just say they’re “not available” and falsely claim they’re working to fix it. If you try to contact support you will get ignored. If you try to contact support that‘a actually monitored (the parts that involve money), you’ll receive a copy/pasted response that has nothing to do with your question and is probably filled by a bot. Things like this make it pretty clear that the users are the product and not the customer, because if Facebook relied on this kind of quality and service to build their business they’d have been bankrupt within a week

Doesn’t work properly


I used to never have problems with the old Pages app, but this one never works properly. It won’t allow me to view “all comments”, which prohibits me from seeing and replying to customers questions through this app. It’s very frustrating. As far as posting goes, it usually works fine. Just wish it would work entirely as it should.

Need more services for business

more business services

By now, we should be able to add videos and pictures to the same post. I would like to speak with a person about other issues because email is not working with Facebook.

Quit fixing things that don’t need fixing

Tint By The Bay

This app was amazing before it became business suite. Now it does not send messages unless I force close the entire app. I will be notified of a new message however I have to totally close the app for the message to appear. Posts do not post all the time, especially scheduled posts. Please fix the this or I will be taking my business entirely off Facebook. It’s not worth the head ache.

Login issues


Always have login issues with this app. Constantly tells me my password is wrong.

problems in comments

Rebwar Hassan 90

when more than one people reply in a comment, could not be opened and be answered. another problem that should be fixed is when i want to change from most relevant to most newest comments, it is not changed. generally this app is not as easy as facebook and other apps to use.

Terrible for posting


This app is terrible for posting from your phone. Multiple features not working, freezes up and shuts down… what a pain!

Still glitchy


Multiple times the app will freeze while trying to post. Only to have to force close and loose all that you had typed out. Not to mention Facebook algorithms hate small businesses that don’t pay to “boost” their posts. Close to 4,000 people can “like” your page yet 20 will see what you post.



If the smartest people in America are working on this our country is in trouble. This app is almost unusable. Someone comments and you want to look through the radio buttons between Newest/Relevance/other it never works. It always shows relevant which is a hard to monitor when you have 1000 comments and only 3 of them are supposedly relevant.