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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Gracias excelente

yes a like


Too Limited

Matti Frost

So I have several business pages, but only one that is a “profile”. On the Facebook app I can switch between my personal and band profiles. But, I can’t add any of my pages to that list, and my ability to interact as my page, to search out and follow other artists and individuals, is severely hampered. With Pages Manager that wasn’t an issue. I don’t know why I can’t do it now. I have a personal profile, one for my band, and I’d like to have one for my business but I can’t connect it. No info online anywhere or anything in support that addresses this.

Pages app was better


With every update the business suite gets worse!!! I do not use or have Instagram… so why am I forced to use an app that constantly asks me to post on Instagram too?? It’s annoying!!! Then the newer updates have changed how I can read and see comments… it will not let me switch to all comments or most recent, leaving me with most relevant… who is it most relevant too?? Not me! I hate the business suite and I want the pages app back! Good luck to anyone using this app!

Glitches and inability to change settings

Ageless beauty

It sends auto replies that I am out of the office when I never set it up that way and it doesn’t allow me to turn it off … hate this app



I’ve heard this a lot. But it seems like there’s a connection issue with this app. It keeps saying waiting to reconnect. If anyone is fixed to Destin please contact me on Facebook Jay Cam

No comment can’t reply


So bad app you must give us another one



Unable to edit draft. Unable to see main page as others see it. Finding comments and messages are not easy.

Doesn’t work most of the time


For a company that pulls in so much money, this app is terrible especially now. I literally can NEVER access my comments on there. It just constantly loads and loads with nothing happening. This is important to be able to access especially when there is a large following and constant comments.

Don’t waste my time and yours


Look I’m gonna give it to you straight I’m a business owner and your app is wasting my time did you really think I’m gonna use it. (1)Fix it soon or (2)take it off the market and we all going to appreciate it if you do one of these steps. Best regards

Change the format back to the old format!


This new format has too many bugs and constantly fails to post challenging my authorization to post to my own pages. Again and again it fails to post. Change it back please!