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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

The wooooorst


Apparently you can’t edit scheduled Facebook posts from this app any more? What’s the point of this?!?! Facebook, you’re awful.

Can’t get logged in anymore


I used this regularly to rely to comments and messages to three business pages. About a month ago I clicked and it wanted me to log in but I have tried several times and it just gives me an error. I deleted the app and reloaded same error. I got a new phone (not because of this issue) and had hopes that it might work again; no such luck. I have to haul out my laptop now just to tap likes and loves and it’s totally annoying! And of course there is no one to ask for help! Garbage.


Eastside Big Tom

I’ve been using this app since the beginning, it’s nearly unusable now. Spend 10 minutes writing a post only to have the app freeze, and crash, tossing out your post on its way. Blank screens instead of photos, and frozen buttons with only the boost option working. Asking me to boost a post that’s already boosted is maddening, as is telling me my top fans haven’t heard from me in a while after I’ve posted, and boosted an hour earlier. 24 hours to get a boost approved - doesn’t work really well when a big part of our business is based on last minute, impulse promotions. (You allowed us to build that side or our business and now you’re destroying it). Notifications are buggy at best, and rarely work correctly on mobile. I’m afraid this is probably pointless to write, the other comments cover the rest of my complaints. I’ve never written a review for anything before, but this is exhausting me, and I’m at wits end. Please help us. Please.

Absolutely horrible

Cajun Prophet

Unable to write a post. Can only do so from the regular Facebook app. Worthless until fixed.



Every time they “update” this app they dumb it down and make it less and less useful. The new “Instagram” type posting which limits photo size, no panoramic shots, videos to 60seconds has made this such a useless mobile app for a musician based business. Stop catering to short attention spans and lowest denominator users. You’re just killing this app. It’s not “easier” it’s just “more limited in functionality”.


only rating ghjs

The Facebook app was easy for a business to make posts and publish them later, it was easy to access your drafts, etc. now you have to download an app so you can use another app. Also this app has many glitches and crashes frequently. Makes it hard to advertise my business and manage my Facebook account which was very easy before.



This latest update has completely broken an already poorly functioning app. Nothing loads, it just displays a gray page with with the loader wheel. I’ve deleted it and re-installed numerous times. Save yourself the hassle and manage your page via a web browser on a computer.

Taken a step back


I dislike the fact that with the newest update to both this app and the Facebook app itself, you can no longer share a post to multiple groups at once. It’s really inconvenient to have to go through and share a post to a different group one at a time. Bad move, Facebook.



Useless and designed for your pages to fail. The app will not let you do basic tasks and promoting is basically impossible unless you pay money to Facebook.

Worst and useless app in the App Store


Can it get any worse? Apparently it can, this worthless app won’t even load anything anymore!!