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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.


Armando cybc

Tengo que reiniciar la aplicación por cada acción que realizó. No funciona!



Can we work on how many times we get notifications . I get them on both the page and the Facebook app one or the other would be fine.

Facebook Pages Run!!!

Juan Too Big Perez

Don’t bother if FB is not making money on your page they won’t let anyone see your post! Your better off being extremely active in your personal page



network always error on iphone xmax, please fix

Camera and Live Still Absent

Nan Palmero

We were using the app to shoot our Facebook Live videos regularly and to post new items in the store. Those features continue to be absent. Why?

Account mixup.


There’s times when you reply or react to people, that it reacts or replies as your PERSONAL Facebook name, not your page name. Huge flaw if you wanna be anonymous with your page.

Where “add to album”?


add photo to album button disappears after update

Won’t even let me sign in


I have been struggling with my messages since I started my FB page. It would be nice if they would fix the bugs enough to use the app or let Facebook messenger be used to handle my business page messages.



This Facebook page won’t let me post To It



I cannot tag people in page posts, you can only do this on the website. Notifications are completely bogus and make no sense!! This is in of the worst apps in the store. If you have a substantial number of followers God forbid you want to invite them to an event! Because it will take you nearly an hour to do so. HEY MARK THE MORE TIME I WASTE INVITING PEOPLE THE LESS TIME I SPEND ON THE FACEBOOK APP.