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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Keeps crashing


Absolutely horrific



It won't even download. Zero stars.

iPhone 6+

Alucard Dracula

Works fine. All you complaining about it not working, just wait till Apple gives an update

Faulty Notifications


I have only just recently started to use this app after creating a page for my small Pet Sitting business. So far the only issue I have is that the notifications don't work properly. You get the initial notification for a message, like, or comment. Then a few minutes later you get the same notification for the same message, like, or comment that you've either already seen and/or responded to. It's really disappointing to not have a great and easy app for your Facebook page, especially when this is about the easiest way to stay in contact with my clients and potential new clients as well.

Lacking key feature


There is no way to navigate to other pages that your Facebook page likes in order to comment or like posts from those other pages as your page. Likewise the regular Facebook app does not allow you to like or comment as your Facebook page, only your regular Facebook account. Therefore it is still necessary to logon to A regular computer to use these key features.

Poor insights


I'd like more data, but this app fare more LIMITED than the website. We need a Google Analytics of sorts for more robust reporting tools.

New Update


Why isn't there a way for page admins to see the news feed of recent stories from other pages that they’ve Liked as their page from a mobile device? And why can't I Like another Page as my Page? I can do it on my laptop! And why can't I search for another Page from the app? It just doesn't make sense!!! Would be 5 Stars if it had those things.

Getting worst with each upgrade


Enough said!

Complete crap

Blooming lawn

No search features, can't see people your business follows, news feed in some random mess in order they think you want to see it. just nothing but a wish list of things it needs. Do not waste you time.

Copy paste

H. The EMT

I really need to copy paste and this app won't allow it!!! I run a community page where people PM us personal messages that that want to ask the group but cannot put their names to. (They could be discriminated against and/or fired if their identity was known.) With out the ability to paste these in the app I HAVE to use a computer to do it. I work on an ambulance for 12-18 hour shifts..... How often do you think I am able to get to a computer that I can go on FB with.......?!?!