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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Great resource

Recovery coach

II just recently started using. And love it

App froze


This app is really good for business owners. However, when I was to schedule a post, the app froze and cannot be used

Delete photos


Can I delete all page photos at once??

You ruined by updating the Pages manager

H. 2020

You have now taken away the option to ban fake scammer accounts that are trolling our page. Notifications are sporadic even though we get notifications in our own newsfeed on our own accounts but cannot see the comments of people asking for help. When you upgraded from pages manager, you tied our hands behind our back for protecting our followers! Every day there is a different feature which is glitching. There used to be a ban button beside every person who likes the page. That button is gone. Also, we can see people who like the page but cannot see a list of followers hiding in the background, therefore also no option to ban. Our worldwide blog page it’s a scam Fighting Group and Victims advocacy and you are creating real problems in trying to help these people now. Ironic since our volunteer job 15 hours a day is fighting against the MILLIONS of fake accounts that Facebook allows! This Facebook Business Suite is a daily nightmare and I NEED PAGES MANAGER BACK‼️? If I could give you a zero reading, I would

Glitchy app that’s difficult to use


When checking in on comments from a business Facebook and IG page the app shows that there are comments but when you click to see it, it rarely loads the comment to respond to. When it does load you have to scroll through all previous comments on the post searching for the new comment to respond to it. The functionality of the features rarely work

Proibido vídeo + fotos


Muito ruim não poder publicar vídeos e fotos no mesmo post

App Freezes!!!


The app is awesome except it only works a fraction of the time. When I upload a video or photo for a post the whole app freezes.

Better before most recent Update!!


Before this recent update I was able to “invite” new potential customers to “Like” my Page not just my post! These are potential customers I PAID FOR!!??? PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!! Also, why am i unable to Play back my Live videos from Business Suite??

Most Ridiculous App

Tera Mc

FB seriously you couldn’t have made things anymore complicated than you did. Your own employees who are on our team don’t have a clue how to use this ridiculous app. Bring back the simple format. Stop trying to overcomplicate EVERYTHING.

Business feed


I can’t get business fed to work in the app I love all the recent updates I’ve made in the past year! I love being able to schedule posts and stories!