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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Bugs, errors, and poor app execution


I have put in a request for help many many times and have never gotten a solution. I am unable to send messages on this app - which is the primary use for my business. Communication should be easy and I am having to go through 8 different steps to respond on a different platform when this function is simple and should be so easy to execute. So frustrating.

Needs an update

Skeptical use

Based on iOS: — Notifications are hit or miss — Needs customization on what to get notifications for(when they actually come through) — Overall app performance needs work

Garbage needs fixes


Reactions and other alerts from page engagement have issues refreshing. Albums I’ve created are now unable to take new photos. Bugs bugs bugs. Fix it.

Updated/fixed what?


Yes! Yet another update where you haven’t did anything to fix this app. For about two, or three months my notifications disappear then reappear after I check them all when I close the app. Thank you for messing up this app, and rushing to positively do nothing about it! I appreciate you caring.

No Live Video Option


The removal of the ability to go Live Video from the iOS Page Manager app has me questioning even staying with this platform at all. No response to requests for help, so I must not be of any significant value to this giant. You will have glitches repeatedly and it will either not show you messages or alerts OR tell you there are notifications when there are none. Time to just leave Facebook completely.

Highly Disappointing


At first it seemed to help put crucial page info and messages in front of you so you could stay on top of things. Now it’s just buggy, notifications aren’t right or never go away. You delete and download it again, the old incorrect notifications still show up. It’s a real mess!

How can I remove this app from my facebook!

Daniela ❤

It doesn’t notify me when someone messages me!!

Where did my posting options go!?


I have used this app for many years for my Childcare business. It was an awesome app to start out with and basically did everything I expected from a Facebook page app. I could post photos, links, or anything I wanted and choose where to put said photos. I have different albums for the different activities we do and I like to post the pictures in those albums. Within the last year, Facebook pages app has removed the feature to choose where to post the photo! It uploads it automatically to the default. I HATE this! Where did all my features go?! The app is too simplified and doesn’t do what I want any longer. I haven’t used this app in pretty much a year because it is just junk now. FIX my posting options! ? How am I suppose to share all the awesome things we do when I cannot share them where or how I want to?! ?

Simply irritating


It’s designed just to make your life miserable

App keeps getting worse


How do you people manage to make every release worse? Now it says I have notifications by the icon, but the notification list says there are zero even after tapping refresh. Half the time, photo uploads fail. Please hire QA!!