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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Good experience

Gabrielle Lyles

Always easy to work with

Love it!


Definitely an important tool For our business

Wish for the former Page app


This app will get things published and will record live video but how I miss the older version of Facebook’s business page. “Pages” was much easier for me to use and see. It was much easier on my smart phone. I have talked with many people who feel the way I do. This is not as friendly and I don’t like having to post and not being able to continually scroll down without having to switch to another part to see the stories in full. Please bring back the other version!

Awesome and convenient


I can schedule posts, switch in between pages, and see all my notifications in one app.



Constantly freezes. My post will never post properly. The list of followers will not show up. Messages never send. I’m constantly bombarded with all these pop ups when I’m trying to do things. It’s easier to just work through the regular Facebook app.



I stopped managing my page because I can’t figure this stupid app out. I have notifications that exist but are nowhere to be found. What in the name of gods were they thinking. Please please please scrap this and start over. Or go backwards!!!

Adding pictures

Lisa G & Larry G

For the last year I’ve been having trouble adding more photos to my posts. This has been very frustrating.



Very slow and weird. Messages are not updated properly. Doesn’t show the replies of the comments. I would not recommend this. I still have to log in to insta and fb to manage my page properly. Options are minimum. Very inconvenient

The most confusing app

General Samus

Facebook is dead. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s not even dying—it’s dead. It’s probably the worst social media apps available today to market with. The only reason people are still using it is because Facebook was smart enough early on to make it personal (family pictures, albums), but that’s it. They are no longer trusted, which is why it’s so bad to market with. Recently opened up a TikTok account and we get 100x the exposure to our business than Facebook ever did. This is not an exaggeration—and haven’t even bought ad space yet. The business suite is confusing. They keep changing things that don’t need to be changed. It’s like they have people working for Facebook that have nothing better to do so in fear of losing their job, they keep tweaking things. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. It’s nothing more than an app with a fancy name being held up by Facebook’s old reputation. It’s a bad app. Real bad. Notifications don’t go away when read. You’re timed on how long it takes you to respond to a private message, so if someone messages you, you have to be the last one to respond or it is a mark against your response time. You used to be able to view your pages newsfeed and interact with others with ease—not with this app, it’s not even possible. You have to head to the desktop and even then you’ll struggle. In short, it’s a poorly designed app that is being used until the market shifts off Facebook. As for Instagram, well it’s okay in of itself, but terrible to work with using the “Business Suite”.

Very disappointed


Freezes up every time I upload something, no stars.