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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.



It won't let me pass the login

App not working at all!!! ?


I have an iPhone 6S. I have had this app on my phone for nearly a year and HAVE used it but today it tells me I don't have an Internet connection. Yet, here I am writing a review...using my internet connection. My first attempt to write a review, I was given an error that read I could only write a review if I owned the app or downloaded and installed it myself. Seriously?! My phone did not come with the app pre installed so I obviously installed it myself!! I had to remove and reinstall it for it to allow me to write this.. AND it still doesn't work. Grrrr! ?



Why make things so difficult?

App does not recognize correct password


I manage a Facebook page for a business. I'm trying to set up my business page via my cell phone with the Facebook app and pages app. But neither will recognize the password I know to be correct because it is a password that I have confirmed is the one I sign into my desktop to(sat with my phone and desktop side-by-side and signed into the both simultaneously my desktop signed in my mobile did not.) I even tried to go into Safari and sign into Facebook using the credentials I know are correct as I have them written down and have confirmed they are the same as the ones are used on my desktop but still would not work. I have found several articles about this type of problem but no solution. There was an owner of this account previous to me and it was deleted but he is no longer employed by the party that hired me. I wonder if this part of the problem because when I send a password recovery through my computer I get all the information when I send a password request through the phone it is sent it to information I do not recognize. The phone number I don't recognize i have the option to send it to my email and select it but when the code comes Facebook reports an error and then nothing happens.I'm writing this review mainly because I cannot find a person to talk to about this issue and I need it solved. I understand app glitches the fact that I cannot find a phone number to talk to a live person about this is crazy. You all need to have a number to call to report issues so you know what to correct and to help your customers even if they're free customers. If could get this resolved I would be a paying customer because I would pay for advertising for my business. Please send me a private message to help me resolve this issue issue. Thank you.

Doesn't work


This app use to be great. I could manage my photography page no issues. Now NOTHING in this app works. I can't event publish a video to my page. FB you need some serious work on this app!!!! Or come out with a business manager app. Something, this is total junk!!!!



It just keeps getting worse. Now the notifications go to my regular FB page, no longer on the 'Pages' page that I manage, the app on my phone shows no notifications, just the regular app for my personal page. It's very annoying and I can't stop it. Tagging is also an issue.

What's the problem


This app has been working good but now all of a sudden it's not working. You try to use it and it keeps going out. Please fix this as I have two different businesses that I run and this has been helpful won getting my work out there. FIX IT!!

Notifications in main FB app are annoying


It is incredibly frustrating that I still get Pages notifications in the main FB app even though I have this app installed. It's just infuriating. Every day I get a bunch of FB notifications that do not belong in the main app. Please stop.

Hiding/unhiding comments

Firefly in the Sky

Update after update, and you still haven't addressed this: When managing comments, this app lets you delete or ban a user, but doesn't let you hide (or unhide) comments. This is a huge missing feature. I shouldn't have to go to a desktop machine to be able to do this. What's the point of this app if you're not able to do the same things as when you're on a computer?!