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Meta Business Suite is free iOS app published by Meta Platforms, Inc.

Notifications are broken


Now my notifications don’t work properly in Business suite (some notifications come through) or Fb (no notifications come through).. IG still works best.. deleted apps and reinstalling them didn’t help

Working smarter

NJ Mimi

Using the app to schedule is a better way to run my week.

Fix the bugs please!!


My husband and I both own our own businesses and use this app everyday. Every time we get a message from a customer it takes forever for us to actually see it. The only way we can access our messages is through messenger and switch to our business account to see the message that a customer sent. When we click on the message through business suite it always says waiting to reconnect. It literally takes like 2 hours for us to access the message and that’s not cool since we work with customers 24/7. Please fix this bug or whatever the issue is please. Thanks

Hate it

Bluegrass mom

Posting on Business Sweet is such a pain. Things were so easy when using pages. It’s difficult to find things. Constantly get notifications for messages that have been read and replied to already. I use this in a volunteer capacity and I am about ready to quit.

Great feature… BUT


Sometime the schedule posts don’t post and stay stuck in “scheduled”. Other times, my created posts, although created for story or a post in proper size, they come out distorted. Very disappointing considering the amount of work it takes to create them.



Upon initial load it is taking 5-10 seconds to load anything. All I see is a white screen.



Very difficult to navigate. Doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Would like to be able to communicate with customers easier.

Deleting app until it’s fixed


I just upgraded my phone and cannot log in to my account. Nothing but trouble and no info to address the problems anywhere. I manage 8 pages and it’s a nightmare! And stop changing things! The constant updates that move everything around, remove features and add others are beyond frustrating! Fix the issues FB! I can manage things in my FB account, so unless you fix these things this app is useless.

Hate it


If I want to do anything besides make a basic post or response to a message, I have to go to Facebook. Can’t do anything from the app since it changed. I’d really like to have the option to upload photos to albums from the app. What is the point in the app?

An ok app.


It’s ok. I feel like it’s a bit u organized. Taking payment for orders isn’t possible. And having the “book now” message pop up constantly during messaging people is highly annoying. If I want to book it, I’ll find the button if you give the option in a corner or something. With posting an add, it goes back to the last screen that showed after confirming the add which gives the illusion that posting the add didn’t go through but it just wants you to add more money to the boost. And adding Instagram was done way to soon. They should’ve made a better app before adding it in my opinion.