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Slow the spread, Texas! We’re supporting safer shopping in our stores with the H-E-B Go app.
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Shopping Free H.E. Butt Grocery Company iPhone, iPad, iPod

With the app, you can scan and bag your own items as you shop, make less contact with others, and save time at checkout in any lane.
Get started by launching the application at an eligible *H-E-B location, then log in with your HEB.com credentials or create a new account.

*Piloting at select locations.

Once you have created an account, then:

1. Scan and bag as you shop

Use your mobile device to scan your items as you place them in your cart or bag. The app will track your items as you shop, and you can add or remove products before finalizing your purchase.

2. Head to checkout

When you’re done shopping, head to any checkout lane! At self-checkout, the kiosk screen will guide you through the checkout process. At a regular lane, a cashier will help check you out.

3. And Go!

Pay as you normally would, grab your receipt and go! Or if your store has an H-E-B Go kiosk, check out by scanning the kiosk’s code and paying with the app.


Great speed ...

If the camera would somehow stay open after scanning each item to keep from having to push the bar code icon to scan another priduct

Horrible update

Thanks for taking an easy to use app and making it complicated to use now.

Updating card info

I got a new debit card with a new expiration date so I needed to update within the app. I deleted my old card and when I try to add the new one I continually get an error stating “Failed to add card, please try again.” I’ve tried again SEVERAL times with NO SUCESS. This is incredibly frustrating and very inconvenient. I’m a partner and this has essentially ruined my breaks and lunches during this pandemic crisis when I don’t bring lunch from home.

HEB Rises Again!!

I love this app! I grab a cart with my gloves on and use my own bags. One less person touches my groceries. I get the item off the shelf, scan it, put it in my bag, go to the kiosk, scan my phone and pay. That’s it!! I love this app and go out of my way to go to an HEB that has it. Thank you HEB.

Easy peasy

This app is great! Scan as you go, groceries in the bag go to the dedicated go check out And you are done. Bypass all the lines!

Tone deaf update

This app works as advertised and I love using it. The only problem is that in the midst of a world-wide pandemic the latest update requires me to touch screens more often than it used to. I used to be able to scan and go without touching the screen at all. Now I have to touch the screen 4 or 5 times every time I check out. It even makes me touch the screen to say I don't have coupons when I just did it on my phone. It's a really frustrating update that makes me less comfortable shopping at my favorite store. Without the update this review would be 5 stars.

So convenient

Easy and helpful, love that the app includes the VPP card. Great job H-E-B!!!


As a employee and a customer I love it! I wish they would roll it out everywhere!

HEB to go app

I’ve never used the to go app until today. I really like it. Thank you!

Great app
used to be in food service

Love it!