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Slow the spread, Texas! We’re supporting safer shopping in our stores with the H-E-B Go app.
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Shopping Free H.E. Butt Grocery Company iPhone, iPad, iPod

With the app, you can scan and bag your own items as you shop, make less contact with others, and save time at checkout in any lane.
Get started by launching the application at an eligible *H-E-B location, then log in with your HEB.com credentials or create a new account.

*Piloting at select locations.

Once you have created an account, then:

1. Scan and bag as you shop

Use your mobile device to scan your items as you place them in your cart or bag. The app will track your items as you shop, and you can add or remove products before finalizing your purchase.

2. Head to checkout

When you’re done shopping, head to any checkout lane! At self-checkout, the kiosk screen will guide you through the checkout process. At a regular lane, a cashier will help check you out.

3. And Go!

Pay as you normally would, grab your receipt and go! Or if your store has an H-E-B Go kiosk, check out by scanning the kiosk’s code and paying with the app.


Love it!

Quick and easy.. I love it, especially on busy weekends. Thank you!


It would be great to build my “shopping list” on H-E-B go, and have the items be removed from my list as I scan them to my cart so I don’t have to switch between apps

Fails to enter multiples of same item

The app rang up the correct total but showed quantity zero for any item with more than one unit scanned or input numerically. Partners now spot check and the entire Go order got scanned and rung up again at the checkout line for exactly the original dollar amount. What is the point of self scanning your entire basket if a manager paws through the whole order with bare hands and has to refill your shopping bags? If we had politely accepted the manager’s offer to add the “missing” items to our order we would have paid for all of the multiples twice.

You will NOT have a “contactless” shopping experience

Are you an immunocompromised person who Is tired of getting food delivered to You that is expired or clearly in damaged packaging? Are you tired of knowing the personnel Who deliver the food like most Americans don’t wash their hands after wiping their @$! ? Do you want to shop at the grocery store during COVID and minimize contact bc god forbid you try to exert an ounce of normalcy ? Then you best go to sams club or someplace else bc this app is NOT for contactless shopping. You get to Scan items as you go through the store yes, but you have to go To a densely crowded area of The store to use the ONE kiosk and beg for the single checkout clerks attention to Utilize this app. said clerk is required to Scan your items prior to continuing forward , thus defeating the entire FV$&ing purpose of “contactless” shopping.

I love H‑E‑B

I love H‑E‑B and this app helps me get home faster.

App is fine. Checkout process is ridiculous

I used to recommend this app but they have recently started new check out process where they pull 10 to 20 items out of my bags to scan them to make sure I have not stolen any tomatoes. It happens every single time I go through with more than 10 items. Moving back to the till. Just as fast to have them bag and scan. What a waste of a great app.


I like this very much

Receipt issues

None of my receipts show in full. I’ve gone back to look for items I purchased and all my receipts only show about 30% of the items I purchased. Like a $150 purchase and the receipt shows only the first 10-15 items and then nothing. This is on every purchase with multiple items. I hope I never have to return something that requires it to be shown on the receipt.

It never registered me
Autumn Roberts

I’ve been here for 4 plus months and it will not registered me in this store. I’ve updated, deleted, restarted and everything I can with my phone for it and it won’t. I starve overnight unless my sister is working and I can used her phone and account cause it registered her. Really not happy with this app

Feedback 12/04/20

I have enjoyed using the H-E-B Go app as a safer alternative to having strangers manhandle my groceries during a global pandemic. Up until tonight, my experiences would have earned you 5 stars, but I encountered a partner who was mouthy and had no respect for my items. I was selected for a random check, which feels less random when I have been selected 100% of the time I use the go app, but it’s fine. I understand that there need to be spot checks to make sure you are not having items leaving the store unpaid for. I get it. I have learned that when I use the kiosk, when it says “wait for a partner” I have 3-5 random items ready to scan. I have never had a partner like the one I had today refuse to scan the items I’d pulled out and explain that “we are supposed to select the items” then proceed to carelessly manhandle my packages, most of them food items. She punctured my fresh beef package with her carelessness and she dug around all through my bag with ungloved hands. Then after she’d scanned her items she just walked away leaving items she’d scattered out of may bag tossed about in my cart. I understand the spot checking, I can even understand if you don’t want the customer selecting the items. Fine, train your partners to ask the customer to please remove the item they’d like to scan. I don’t want a stranger digging their ungloved hands through my purchase. NO OTHER PARTNER had done this in the past. If you insist on having YOUR partners digging through MY purchases, they should be wearing gloves. This partner needs to move to a station that doesn’t require interacting directly with customers. I didn’t get her name, but I’m sure you can look at my purchase history and see who put their thumbprint on the kiosk to approve my “random” spot check.