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With the H-E-B Mobile App, it’s like having H-E-B at your finger tips! Get started by logging in or creating an account via our app. Save, simplify and organize your grocery trip with time-saving features such as:
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Shopping Free H.E. Butt Grocery Company iPhone, iPad, iPod

H-E-B Digital Coupons.
No printing. No clipping. Just saving. Redeem coupons at checkout with your phone number.

Shopping Lists.
Create shopping lists or quickly build a list by scanning a receipt. We’ll notify you when it’s on sale.

Kitchen-Tested Recipes.
Take the guess work out of dinner with thousands of recipes. Or search recipes made with your favorite product.

Product Information.
See what products are available at your H-E-B or find the nearest H-E-B that carries it.

H-E-B Pharmacy Services.
Manage and access your family’s prescriptions on-the-go, 24/7.


Constantly crashes

Worked great in the beginning, not it constantly crashes or will not even open. Very frustrating.

Application Stinks!!!
Thomas E. Murphy

This App is just as bad as the Internet website for online ordering. Who the hell writes these things for you!!?

Not well thought out

I like to feature of being able to create lists but it needs to be able to be sent over to curbside pick up website. But even better than that it would be nice if the curbside pick up website was incorporated into the app. Also if I’m looking at the list I should be able to slide left on an item and delete it rather than having to click on it and then press delete, just another extra step. When I search for an item and it has multiple flavors do you have should have an option for me to select a flavor for that particular item


Clunky, awkward, continues to misdirect to the wrong store, doesn’t save your information from previous purchases. I really want to like and support curbside pickup, but this app is awful.

Needs work
HEB Shopper 514

I like all the coupons but I would prefer the ability to sort them by product type not by aisle location. Or at least let me search the selected coupons for the item I am looking for. I don’t always buy from the selected coupons every week and despite the app saying they are sorted by aisle I don’t find this to be the case.

I love HEB, their app...eh

While I love that this app exists, it could be so much more. It’s too slow and not user friendly. I’d like to see a better list making feature with sort and quantity functions. Are there plans to integrate the app and Curbside/Delivery? That would make it even better. HEB is a top notch operation, I’m hoping their web/app design teams are actively working to make this a less frustrating experience.

Aisle Number

Great APP. Only problem I am having is the ability to clearly read the aisle number. Is it possible to change the number size or font?

Needs barcode scanner

Would be great if you had a barcode scanning feature that you could scan the item to get the price

Favorite List

There needs to be a Favorites list, from which items can be selected and then selected items copied to a new list for this weeks shopping.

Coupons don’t work

I clip the coupons and they don’t take discount when I check out. Yes I did it ahead of time, and made sure I had my favorite store listed because a cashier told me that could be why. Then they give me a number to call, they are useless because it was registered under my husband because I was having difficulty registering app under my email. So they couldn’t help me