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With H-E-B Mobile Pharmacy App, it’s like having your H-E-B pharmacy on your phone! Get started by logging in with your H-E-B account or by creating a new account. Manage all your prescriptions and access all the great services at your local H-E-B Pharmacy like immunizations and health screenings.
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Refill Your Prescriptions
Scan your prescription bottle or select from a list of available prescriptions. If you are out of refills, your H-E-B pharmacy is there to help by contacting your doctor for you! You can also set up auto-refills, and H-E-B will automatically refill your prescription before you run out of medication and let you know when it is ready for pick up via text, email, and/or phone call.

Review your Prescription History
Get access to your prescription history. Custom filters help you find just what you are looking for. Review details about each of your prescriptions.

Manage Prescriptions for Your Family
Do you manage prescriptions for your household? H-E-B Pharmacy app can help you can manage prescriptions for your entire family and pets.

Transfer all your Prescriptions
Do you have prescriptions at more than one pharmacy? Get all your medications together in one place by transferring them to your H-E-B Pharmacy.

Don’t forget your Pet
You can fill your pet's medications, including heartworm prevention at H-E-B Pharmacy today. We have low cost generic medications and special compounding too.



I love this app!


Awesome app!!

I love this feature
Bestie Tina

The H-E-B pharmacy app and The H-E-B app are so convenient I really enjoy using them and make shopping and refilling prescriptions so convenient it’s such a godsend.

Waxahachie HEB Pharmacy Experience 5 Star Experience

Pharmacists and assistants at HEB are ALWAYS very attentive, caring, timely and friendly. Switching to HEB over the last year opened my eyes to how everyones pharmacy experience should be. Waxahachie HEB Pharmacy service sets the bar high so all consumers have the best experience possible. Rob King

A snap to renew Rx’s!

I really like this app as it makes reordering our Rx’s so easy. Now if they could allow you to input a credit card and have it on file the app would be perfect and save us having to call each time before we pick up our order. Thanks!

Don’t understand
DLE Music

Ordered 3 refills, only 1 Rx got filled.

Excellent service

I am very pleased with H-E-B pharmacy. Keep up the good work

Pharmary app
Nirvana fan girl #1

One of the best app I have used. Very easy to refill medications and keep taps on your prescriptions!!! Thank you HEB

Great App!!!

Love Tge app. Service to pick up your prescription is sllloooowwww. Please help us 45 minutes in line is too long. Thanks!


Stop advertising that your app allows caring for the ‘whole family’. My family is NOT myself my dog and a minor child. (The only possibility for multiples on your app.)