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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Final fantasy brave ex


Fun game

A Bit Too Much


I thought I was playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, not Final Fantasy Mafia Wars / Farmville. Still, the companion function is neat, and it is Final Fantasy at it's core. The UI is friendly to mobile device users as well, once you get past the learning curve on all the shiny buttons to push and what they all mean. On a down note, "Seriously, Square Enix? I can raise a unit to level 100 in a day flat but I have to use a limit burst 2000 go'ram times to get it to level 2 of 20!?" Second down note, loss of one star rating: "And then you just HAD to make trust moogles, already a pain in the hind end to acquire, have certain compatibility limits?" Oh, and one more thing; your “corpse fly” looks like a “penis”.



Really enjoying this RPG.

Brave Frontier rip-off?


This looks extremely like Brave Frontier... so much as to say the devs copy pasted the same look and "summoning" plus other features. It looks like the creators have been mimicking a bunch of other games and final fantasizing them. Pretty disappointed to say the least.

Better but unbalanced pull rates


Saw a character the other day that said 100 pulls and no rainbow. Great game, fun seasonal activities but the pull rates for rainbow crystals are pretty skewed.

Never Pull Characters I Want!

Curtis R. Shideler

I’ve been playing for a long while now, and usually save tickets and lapis for events where I want the characters. Then the events come, I pull 25-50 characters, and have NEVER received the ones I want. I just pulled 25-30 characters for this FFXV event, and only got 5 Iris’s. No Noctis, no Gladdy, and no Cor. Ridiculous. I won’t be spending money to buy more tickets or lapis if I can’t get one character I want in 25-30 pulls! Fix the odds. Make it only those characters in the specified pulls, or lose my patronage.

Great Start, hopes it stands


So far I'm loving this game, there a lot of mechanics thrown at you at once but it's a solid final fantasy. If the rest of the game is as good as the first couple hours my 5 star rating will stand.

Great game


Awesome game!!

Facebook logins


This game is good but due to Facebook login issues I highly advise anyone who wants to play or download the game to not spend any money at all until they fix this issue. I have spent hundreds dollars in the game and currently not able to log into the game. How does that make any sense. I paid for a service and because Facebook (third party and doesn’t have anything to do with the game) banned my account so in turn I’m locked out of the game. This is maddening. You’ve been warned.



Pvp is so unbalanced rank 10 with 10 points going against rank 400 with thousands of points I can never win and lose out on daily bonuses