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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Fun, but unfair cash cow


FIFTEEN rare summon tickets and 5000 lapis summons used for “higher drop rate” all in a row and not one Cloud! SHAME ON YOU! A CASH COW

A good game, but..


Once day I signed in and could no longer access my save file. I tried to message support but they seem unwilling offer assistance. It’s a good game. I would give 5 stars if they tried to help.

Its great


Not a fan of the energy thing. Its good besides the energy mechanic.

Terrible customer service


I’ve been using this game for a while now. It crashes almost always after an update, which happens weekly, and sometimes you lose what’s in your inventory. Customer service will go round and round with you, to no avail, and never give you back said lost inventory. If you want loyal customers to spend money on your game, you don’t need to be that greedy. I hope they can work on a more fair and friendly customer service apparatus.

Passable. Not worth the time. Additionally, Absolute trash customer support.

H. Millet

I’ve played this game for about a year and there are many redeeming qualities. I like the nostalgia and some of the mechanics. Over all though there is too much grind and not enough reward. Additionally what really makes this game suffer is the lack of customer support. One of the bugs makes you download updates daily even if you have tonnes of memory on your phone. (iPhone) If you experience an issue, you will likely not get help or support. I got one robo response it was essentially a survey question.

This game use to be great.


Now it's not. Seems like the game is just totally bloated. Every time I log in it had to download for 10 minutes to hour or more. The odds are terrible and there is a hard paywall that didn't use to exist.

Awesome Game!


This game is worth downloading and playing. Get to play with a lot of different characters. Those who have played battle frontier will definitely love this game as it is almost the same mechanics. Thank you Square Eric for such an awesome mobile game! Leveling characters in this game is quite satisfying. I like the fact that you can fuse units to power them up to make them stronger. You can really play this game without paying anything. The grind is not that bad at all. It would be easier if you paid to get things things that you want if you want to go that route. Just download and see for yourself how great this game is.

Great Game Honestly


Out of all the Gacha and P2W stuff this game honestly seems very calm? (Compared to so many scummy games and tactics I've seen out there) I've been on this game for over a year and have only paid a single dollar for a ticket which practically makes me f2p almost if it wasn't for that purchase.. in my time of playing I am rank 90 and have about 20 5 star bases which is absolutely astounding.. I see a lot of reviews telling of their bad luck or how this game has a paywall. Actually before I had any rainbows my party was made of 3 stars and 4 star bases and I can win almost all of the really really hard trials. All it takes is a bit of luck on the draw but 5 stars aren't required for enjoyment out of this game.. half a year I went with only Marie until the next half.. Now I have a Cloud that does over 1200 damage supported by a 2B and A2. So yeah.. I would have to give this game a thumbs up! Also THANK YOU FOR MY RAINBOWS GUYS!!! (Trust me as a minnow or whatever it's called.. a rainbow means a lot and I've gotten about 5 this month alone..) Gameplay wise? It's all about skill and part composition and stat building.. You can do quest, new quests are here every 2 weeks and give out great rewards, and even more so new units.. I'm a long time fan of final fantasy and it feels so great to have all my favorite heroes (Ramza) and villains (Exdeath) from the franchise all in one.. All in all it's pretty dang decent for a F2P game

I have a problem


I’m stuck in a battle that I can’t win But I can’t die

Unending Tutorial


I have not been able to do anything in this game aside from Tap where it tells me to for 5 hours. It's impossible to fail missions, I can't spin for new characters even though they keep talking about having new espers as if I have them. I am completely stuck in this game controlling everything I do.