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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Don’t waste your time or money.


This game is honestly just getting worse. I’ve played it since it came out and it just feels more and more like a giant advertisement for Ariana Grande. Game started out great, but just feels like a giant cash grab anymore. I haven’t spent a ton of money on the game, just bought the special limited time bundles here and there but can honestly say I feel 100% scammed from those bundle. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste any of your hard earned money on this “game”.

Outstanding mobile JRPG. Ignore bad reviews.

Jon loft

This is an excellent FF game, with all the great elements you expect. I have played for over a year, daily. I’ve spent about $20, but you can easily play for free. Just be patient, join the reddit, and have fun. It’s the best mobile game I’ve played. It’s not buggy, it’s constantly updated with new content, and developers are very responsive to users. Just ignore those comments. The best part is that they really considered the mobile user - it plays in segments so it is conducive to short periods of play over the course of a day. Much less dungeon wandering and random encounters than a typical FF game. But the trials are complex and require a lot of strategy. It’s just great, if you like old rpg style games.




Please help me


I was fighting the illusion of Sheratan and she couldn’t take away my 1 hp. I also couldn’t deal any damage. I couldn’t escape the battle, so I deleted it and reinstalled it. But it still stayed on the Sheratan battle even though everything should’ve been cleared. So then I reentered the app and got to the title screen, but it wouldn’t respond to my fingers. I cleared it and reentered again but the same thing is happening. I would actually rate it 5 stars because this game is amazing, but it’s because of this weird glitch or something that I can’t even play the game. But it could just be my phone. I think lots of people should play this. I’m just seeking help because it’s a shame I can’t even complete what was my favorite FF game so far.

Customer support is terrible


I bought an in app purchase but never received the content, contacted support for help to see if I could get my items, but they told me to wait and I did but then they stopped answering me.

best rpg on mobile


keep up the good work.


Light Strider

One of my favorite and best mobile games! Keep up the good work!

FFBE is awesome


I like it a lot just need to be little bit more easier to get the rainbow crystals cause those are ridiculously hard to get hands on

Read and update quickly!!!

Misael Lozano

So I love this game but a recent update has not let me continue my story part of this game so if i go off from the story part to do a quest or a vortex mission or something like that it cancels my mission and the shade goes like a dark grey and i can’t click on it and also when I try to give up on a mission or battle I won’t let me give up Oh and pls update soon I love this game and it also won’t let my characters die which I like but it takes so much longer to kill enemy’s I left my phone on for 4! DAYS! to complete a vortex mission and it wouldn’t let me give up And it also doesn’t let me go to the home menu it just takes me back to the island and I can’t continue the story because it won’t let me click on anything other that the places where u can walk and do quest but to do quest u have to be able to go places so please fix this quickly I want to play ASAP and I know I’m not the only person with this problem my brother has it too Oh and PLEASE ADD CLOUD TO THE US SERVERS SOON Thank you

You don't pay, you don't play.


By far one of the most insidious GACHA games in any App Store. Don't let their supposed "rate increase!!" proclamation fool you, unless you've paid the piper, you're not getting any of their flagship characters, regardless of how long you've been playing. Nearly a year of daily pulls, literally hundreds of dollars in rewarded in-game currency, and $13 paid in, I have no "top tier" 5-star characters. They keep tabs on their whales; they're the ones who are filling the forums with the false praises of this virtual cash cow for an truly clueless & lackluster developer GUMI.