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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Winter season mission glitch


Please help! I wanted to do the Eternal Winter Story Mission, but the game crashed on me. Not only that, but it took away the amount of candy canes I needed to execute the mission. Please fix this glitch!


Vine art

I love this game, I’ve been playing it for years, when I got my new phone it reset though and then it started bugging out, I can’t use any of my ability’s and can’t do anything excepts go to the next mission. If they fixed this for me it would be an easy 5 star.

Get your Final Fantasy Fix


This game has all of the characters from all of the final fantasies that you would ever want. It's fun, and doesn't have to be time-consuming. It is pay for play, however unlike other pay for play games you will not be left behind if you're not spending money on it. Been playing it for about seven months now and can't see myself putting it down.

This game is awful

JLO 11

This game is so lame, dont waste your money on stupid lapis, all summons always are crap, im tired of this.

This game is totally unplayable.


Every area except current location is blacked out, cannot access magic or skills in combat, cannot swap characters or even access the home screen. If there is any way to remove these handicaps or to contact player support I cannot find it in the “game”:

Games pretty alright and support team saved my account.


Is the gacha pretty brutal? More often than not yeah it is. Is the game pretty fun disregarding it? Yeah, surprisingly enough from a mobile game. Does the game have its bugs? For some yeah, I was one of those people. I actually had it so bad that I was stuck in terrible loop where my units could never die and my UI was so messed up I couldn’t even access basic functions of the game like the home menu. Looked up several forums online telling me that my account was more or less ruined due rooting on my phone and that this was an ongoing bug since the game’s release. Shame too since I made some decent pulls for units. But funny enough, despite all the other poor reviews of the game, I sent in one ticket by email to the support team one night in one last desperate attempt to salvage my progress. They actually get back to me the morning of and magically my account was salvaged. TLDR I’m grateful.


Prince Messiah

The music, the gameplay, the story, everything about this game is amazing n well put together ?❤️It’s amazing

Quit playing 1/1/18 - I can no longer support "Gacha"

John L 79

I have been playing FFBE Global since a day or two after release, but have decided I can no longer support any game that uses Gacha. It's gambling, and worse, it targets kids. That is simply wrong, and I cannot take part in it. I am 100% Free-to-Play from Day One, and have had pretty good luck (I leave a 1000+ Mag Trance Terra as my active character) but I have seen too many people be hurt because they started paying to summon a favorite classic character, and ended up wasting thousands of dollars on "Gacha" with nothing to show for it but a tiny sprite on their phone screen. It's a real shame, because FFBE has some good content in it and really could have been an excellent Final Fantasy game in the series, similar to Final Fantasy Dimensions. Instead, it preys on nostalgia, and like all Gacha games, uses psychological tactics against players to get them to spend money "whaling" for the great new "meta defining" character or ability. FFBE's gambling aspect is bad, but is not as bad as in a game like FFXV: A New Empire, which spits on the characters and plot of FFXV in a shameless money grab, and far worse psychological tactics against the players than FFBE, because you need to pay to survive in the game. Are developers proud of resorting to this? You're trying to get kids hooked on gambling, just to make money. Do you really think it's worth it? I have enjoyed playing FFBE, and it's a well done game, but I have to give it 1 star solely because of "Gacha". Gacha should not be allowed in these games, and I hope the practice is outlawed soon. Peace, and Happy New Year.


Hobo hat

Great game! Story is great so much content!

Needs to be sued


Waste of time.... For what......nostalgia.....stop supporting this