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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Having problems


It was a fun game at first but now it’s not. I’m am completely stuck and can’t advance to the next story mode, which is story two. I’m stuck at the port Lodia I think that’s what it’s called and I can do no missions. I’m just walking around talking to people.

Not really worth your time.


Don't spend a single dime on this game, you are better off play the Japanese version.

Final fantasy


Great game. Surprising amount of depth

Fix your BUGS!


Terrible terrible bug/glitch where my account thinks it’s in tutorial mode, I can use magic, I can’t use skills, I can browse worlds, I can’t go to the main menu, I can’t revisit old quests, And now I’m somehow stuck in a battle where the enemy can’t kill Me and I can’t give up either! So literally getting bashed with 1 hp on all characters and I hit Menu and the “ I Give Up” button is Grayed out..... come onnnn guys how did your code get this out of wack! Sounds like a simple switch statement gone wrong! Finite state machines are a wack if you don’t code them correctly. Fix ittttt

Great game

Inigo Montoya 12345

Just started playing and already hooked. Small bug problem but support fixed it within 5 minutes after contacting them. I’ll update review after I get to a higher level.



Every time I exit the game has to download and install again. This is torture...

Pls reconfigure rainbow crystal pulls


I dropped $420 for the ff7 banner. I’ve been playing for a while so I had over 75 regular summon tickets and I earned about 10 4 * tickets. Pair this with over 10k lapis. I had all this prior to spending $420. With all that and the purchased lapis, I pulled 1 cloud and and 2 other rainbows. The other 2 rainbow pulls were not from the ff7 banner. The gist of this review is don’t spend money because the pull rate for rainbows is at an all time low. Fix the absurd rainbow pull rate before players leave and stop playing. After spending $420, I thought I would at least pull one elfreeda along with my one cloud I pulled.

Christmas event is horrible


The current event is horrible. The event is only here for 14 days and there is no way anyone can get a good portion of the “rewards” without spending a good amount of cash on energy refreshes. To put things in perspective: the last event had 4* tickets at 2000 event currency(which you could get in a couple runs of the event), this event a 4* ticket is 30,000 currency(which is roughly 44 runs of the event). Now if you did nothing but run the event and didn’t waste any energy it would take almost 4 days of grinding to get the 4* ticket opposed to the last event which you could get with less then half a days worth of energy.

I don't even know


The game would load and get to the title screen but won't start

Pretty Fun


Fun game. The improved drop rate for 5* units is a bit more reasonable now so I’m upping my previous one star review to reflect that.