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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.



The game crashes every time when I try to receive gifts from friends. Please fix.. Thanks.

Connection issues??

iOS 8......

For some reason I can’t seem to finish an area with out it crashing and saying connection lost or something within those lines. Bug? I hope not maybe it’s my internet who knows. Maybe Square should look into it.



Really brought the final fantasy experience to online gaming!

Gumi Low quality company


I played this game for over a year, and invested a lot of time and money into it. I was a big fan of Square Enix and final fantasy, so was happy to support the game. Over the time I played, I learned that Gumi is a poor quality company. Whenever I have contacted their customer support, they have a patronizing and condescending tone and don’t actually help you with your problem. The game is a money grab with horrendous drop rates. Gumi’s coding is shoddy and their database got hacked for ransom recently. They show little gratefulness for you even if you were a long time paying customer. I’ve moved on to other Square Enix games not managed by Gumi

Fun but broken.


This game is quite a bit of fun. It brings back the feel of FF 1-5 with a whole new story and a fresh spin on how to use attacks. With that being said I have to warn you that this game is broken. I am currently stuck on a level where my units don’t die (awesome) but the creature I ended up fighting heals itself (not so awesome) the issue with this is that I had access to the creature with level 15 units and their attacks were anywhere between 1-20 damage while the creature does 22000 + damage and heals itself with 5000 life absorb... I am stuck and my account is lost. Can’t do much because it is linked to my face book........



It’s decent at first, but quickly turns into a waste of data. There may be events every so often, but it’s the same old story with changed names. I spent an abundance on this game. That’s the only reason I haven’t deleted it yet. I would prefer they do something with the money I spent improving the game and not their personal finances. I’m also disgruntled that I spent money on their other game, Flame vs Blaze, only to have them decide they don’t want to deal with the headaches from bad coding on their part and ending service.

Dont bother


Breaks every update. Useless customer service

Theses summons

King of hearts33

I like it so far it’s just the summonings. Like there is no guarantee for that batch. Which it should be after 11 summons. I understand it’s not brave frontier but Spending all these lapis just trying to get 1 unit kinda gets annoying. Thank you for listening

Great game so fun

thanks for pixel gun

It was a really good free final Flexi game I would give no bad stuff about it because it is a such a fun game so I suggest you get it right now because it is amazing

Annoying issue that happens every time I open the app for the first time everyday

Kman beat

Everyday I log on, it makes me redownload a lot of data, and it gets annoying because it makes it so I can’t play in the go. I don’t know how to fix this, so please help. I absolutely love this game, but that issue makes the whole experience much worse.