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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Extremely horrible micro transactions

Jamie Maloney

I received 7 Conrads in a row, this is that absolute worst micro transactioning system in video games. Don’t spent a cent on this game unless you want to get 7 of the same character out of 10 rolls.

Great game, horrible odds


I’ll first start off by saying the game is amazing. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, please give this a try, it’s worth every bit of time playing. The graphics are retro but amazingly smooth and the animation is top notch. Now for the issue with odds. At first, trying for rare “rainbow” units seemed like a breeze. I received a few and was extremely happy, even though at the time I didn’t understand the concept. As I went up in rank, receiving rainbows outside of a 10+1 or guaranteed 5 star ticket seemed a distant past. Let’s use this recent Final Fantasy VII banner for example. Trying for Cloud has become an impossible feat. I used 7 10+1 tickets, multiple regular tickets and 20k Lapis for an attempt at one single Cloud. Meanwhile I’ve had no problem getting 18 Conrad’s. You see people in the Arena that have 4 Clouds. So as a fan and questioning player, what gives? It’s a depressing and dream shattering aspect of the game and only reason I gave the game 3 stars. The random number generator is a very biased feature and borderline unfair for fans who play religiously and do everything possible to obtain the one character they’ve waited for. Anyway, the game is great if you’re casually playing and love old school FF graphics. Get the game now, try your luck at Cloud while they have him!

A good game


I finally got around to trying this out and I wasn’t disappointed a fun hero collector in a ff skin.

Awesome, but...


The game was working great until last update, it crashes like every 5 minutes for me. Until this gets fixed, Im just giving it 2 stars. PS guys: summoning tickets are still there, you just need to hit the one that says to buy with 500 lapis and It will give you the option to use the ticket instead Edit: Alright, game is looking better and I just gave it 4* due to getting good units up to chance, even if you spend some money. There is no guarantee you will get a unit you really want. A great fix for this would be marketplace, to be able to exchange characters.



Can't describe with words, go play!



Great game



I love the ff franchise and I’m really enjoying this game!! Definitely a good game

Please Fix This Issue!!


Why does it keep making me download the data over, it happens every time I close out the app and open it back up I have enough space on my iPhone because I have 26gb of space left on my phone. Please fix this some people said it only happens on iOS devices sometimes and I’m tired of it. I love the game though.



I got the game and loved it but unfortunately after playing an hour or so I left the game for a couple minutes then I came back and now it won’t let me hit the back button or go to previous quests. Before I left the app I had four units in my party ( because I wanted to level them up so they could be the same level as my other unit). Then it wouldn’t let me tap on my units in my party nor let me put another one in my party ( because I only had four in and I wanted to put one more in to make the full team of five). Also my units are now invincible and will stay at one hp and never die. This led me to being stuck in a battle with Sheratan my units can only damage it to 99% and will stay at one hp. Normally my units most likely die and I’d lose. It also doesn’t let me give up/flee. So now I’m stuck with Sheratan for eternity. I sent in an inquiry, and the support team is slow to write back.



So there is a glitch with my game... i cant be killed or use abilities. I just started playing so my guys are really low level and i beat the FF7 quest. Only took 10 hours but because the boss cant kill me i did it. I also cant leave battles once ive started them so now im doomed fighting a boss that i will never be able to beat because they can heal themselves! Restarting the app does nothing. Please help!