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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Stay Far Away


Day one player trying to warn everyone out there to not make the same mistakes I did. I could go into a long list of reasons and examples but I'll save everyone time and just say avoid this game and this developer at all costs. You will thank me later. Go find a better gacha game to play and have fun with, there's plenty. If you need a FF fix, find it elsewhere.


Quinten mulder

It keeps crashing when I try to download it

Great but hard for beginners


Final fantasy Brave EXVIUS is a great game, but jumping in at the start with all of the events can be very confusing. My recommendation would be to add a beginner mode that limited all of the events to make it less confusing. Great game though:)

No effort


I’ll change my review when you give a new unit more than 4 active moves lol

A Final Fantasy For Everyone….. Kinda….


I absolutely love final fantasy! Played all except online cuz I’m a sad Xbox owner. Recently replayed x, x-2, vii, ix, viii, xiii and now xv respectively. Thinking about doing xii and then vi and so forth. Oh, and tomb raider is a love cuz square did a great job! However, this game is just great because I feel that I can’t spend enough money to play like they want me too! Sometimes I drink n pay but regret it because the drop rates just hate to let anyone be satisfied . Still got my ps2 and collection though…

New collaboration??

Blubird Azur

Hey I stayed playing the game recently and I did some searching on YouTube on any past collaboration when I saw Ariana she appeared in the game in 2017 and yet since I am new to the game I would like to see her once more but with her positions album look or a new pop star Doja cat would be a big thing for her to appear in the game but I am saying this with all faith that either both will appear and I hope so.



Awesome superior thank you for big funded developers! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? thank you for support & well sample of many miscellaneous combo of delightful skills! Quick! Let me sum this up right here ok? Let’s go: 1) Awesome graphics. 2) Fun abilities. 3) lots of content. 4) see #1-3 for reference. brave mf woggy out

Great, but...


I’ve played before on a different device and decided to get it on an ipad, the game crashes literally every time it gets to starting the tutorial



This is a cute dog, not the best storyline and the characters are a little one dimensional but it’s still fun. I loved playing it until the last few days. There was some updates last week, the last few days the app opens to the same spot every time and when I try to exit to a map, it freezes on a black screen. Very sad because I would have liked to continue the adventures.

Great game however there is a problem.

Sandy 454

The problem I mentioned has to do with the friend search mechanic. It shows people who have not played the game in weeks to even months as well as people whose friend list is completely filled. I cannot find a single person who could possibly become a friend. That makes two of the beginner missions nearly impossible. Please add a filter to this system where you can find the people who have an empty list who are active player’s. This will make the game a lot more social. As for an idea for a Neo Vision unit buff I want Cloud and Cloud Advent Children to be buffed as they have been outclassed by almost all other Neo Vision units in the game.