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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.



This game updates for 5 minutes at least 3 times a day for me. It’s hard to pick up a game and play when I have 5-10 minutes of free time and it spends the whole time updating.

This should be looked at


With all the controversy about loot boxes in EA , this game is true gambling and should be reported by players , I've talked to some players that have spent well over $1000 a month on this game to get a unit they want and sometimes it never dropped

Square, I need your help


I absolutely love this game. While the summoning system is a bit unbalanced, it doesn't bother me all that much (but you should still fix it). Problem: Ever since update 2.3.0, on September 29th, I can't play the game. It acts like normal until I pass the title screen. It loads normally, too, but after half a minute, the game just crashes. I love this game and wish I could play it, but I can't fix the problem. I have an ancient iPad 2, which may be the issue, but the compatibility didn't change. If you can help, please.



Love the classic style & mechanics of the ff gameplay on this mixed with modern touchscreen led tech, I wish we had such accommodation back in the days of snes & nes. This could have easily been the sequel to II! Love it!

Customer support doesn’t help with issues


Contacted support due to a bug that occurred; where a reward wasn’t given for a condition I had achieved TWICE. The battle & condition for the reward isn’t easy, but customer support asks for a video of me achieving the condition. Seriously?!

Major bug


Still a fun game, but I’m guessing this is a bug. Can’t go to the menu that lets me go to vortex and various other places. Still can go into towns but can’t repeat areas. I can still go to new missions though.

Love It!!

Halitosis hal

I love the Final Fantasy series! Love the main series titles, the battles, the songs, the spin offs, the characters, etc.! Brave Exvius is one of my favorite spin offs of the Final Fantasy series along with Type-0, Dissidia, and Tactics. That's why my final verdict for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, is a 10/10.



It was fun the first time I play after wait 45 minutes to load and download didn’t realize it need to spend 45 minutes every time you wanted to play probably won’t keep it



Great game but every or during an event crashing issues persist.thas awesome rolf!

Exceeding every expectation

Really Random Brandon

I cannot put this game down I'm loving every minute of it! But pleaseeeeeee update for iPhone X the screen is killing me lol