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FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS is free iOS app published by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

Great game but with new updates, it’s not so well


Great and fun game, but there are quite a few bugs. 1 I couldn’t use spells and load Espers 2 I can’t load new characters to my unit, (I’m only fighting with 2) 3 I can’t run out of fights so I’m locked in on really tough enemy battles because they keep healing. 4 my characters won’t die hence why 3 is a problem. 5. I can’t make items.

DO NOT PLAY// stolen money

Zack E.

This game locked me out when I changed Facebook accounts. My account got hacked and I had no choice. I lost everything, including real money I spent playing the game. They left me no choice but to file a complaint with my bank to charge back all of the money I’ve spent.

Annoying Maintenance


I absolutely love this game. That being said, HOWEVER, I am annoyed at how much this updates. Every time I log in I have to download so much info and it takes forever! It’s normally like a maintenance update but Everyday? Seriously!?

Why so few tickets?


:( I won’t more summons



Still not registering an update for me... Seems like there are issues every time the game updates..

Can’t update


After pressing the “ok” button my iPhone opens up the App Store but there is no button for me to update the game. All I can do is open the game, get to the update screen, and repeat the process

There was a hard pay wall...

Feared soul

But it's gone now your more likely to get a 5 star within a 10+1 summon or 25 tickets the rate up really did this game wonders for the better the only real problem I have is locking the best unit in the game behind limited status, and it was when jp had the rate ups, but we didn't. I'm sure it will come around again if you want to do well as a f2p guy such as myself I recommend you save your tickets for units you need 4 star based if your just starting out and save like 50 tickets for a hard summon for a 5 star unit. Hope this helps. They give out free stuff often just log in and play everyday for at least 5-10 mins. Do the dailys and arena as they give you 90 lapis daily for free it adds up quick.



Good game, play it daily!


Adrian the Beast Thief

The "events" don't change anything, duplicate rate is ridiculous, and overall it may be under watch, in the future, in other countries like the U.K. for elements of gambling, considering how people put in hundreds of dollars in for a shot at rarer characters with no other means of obtaining them. Its worse than pay to win, its pay to fun.



I can’t update!!!! Help