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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Bring back the dislike button


YouTube removed the dislike button from being shown and it’s really annoying. Now I can’t tell if something is a good source or not because it seems like no one disliked their video

my reiviw

in hub

it is relly good for vids



Been an increase in commercial ads and many now do not have an opt out option. Hint….Commercials does not influence my buying

Very useful


Love the connections

This is a issue I want fixed immediately


I leave youtube for 1 minute then is has to update again like bro what has to update on youtube now I missed my video because of that stupid update that came out of no where and a lot of people probably experienced this problem to and find it annoying so JUST FIX IT FOR GOD SAKES!



Great for entertainment but better for educational purposes!!!

Too many ads

diemind hends

Can I watch a 3 minute video anymore without getting 4 15 second unskippable ads force fed down my throat or no.

It’s good


Just wish they showed videos I was more interested in

youtube shorts and dislike

cinnamon tea

please for the love of god have a setting to turn off youtube shorts in the app and give us the dislike counter back



I love YouTube but there’s to much comercials, before every video there is a comercial, and some times in the middle of whatever I am watching also, it’s to interrupted me many times of why I doing, exercising or anything.