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Poor recommendations


Literally disappointed I had to go all the way to notifications to see this mmgvideo cause YouTube wouldn’t show it on recommending on the page you see right as you open the app I watch every mmg video and YouTube can’t figure it out that I want to see his videos

Too many commercials


You have tk many commercials in between. I’ve been using youtube since I can remember too listen to music and now I don’t use it unless in need to because y’all add to many adds. I saw a 25 min video with like 10 commercials.

Inappropriate Ads & Censorship


The censorship & shadow banning videos. DEC3, 2020 updated: INAPPROPRIATE ADS. Jan 24, 2021 update: Can’t click on searched title unless you type in the whole thing. Never had this problem with my android. UPDATE: Can’t change thumbnail in app.

What would we do without Youtube?

Easter Victory

Without YouTube the powerful Citizen’s Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar against the Military coup would be much less powerful. The capacity to post videos showing the real level of violence the military is committing, rather than the limited video news stations capture, helps the international community know when to step in with more than sanctions. YouTube is helping people stay alive and birth a real democracy. Preventing death, advancing freedom...yeah that’s a 5 star review.

Repetitive content

Safeguarding synth

YouTube used to be a great app but I’m not sure why things I don’t care about and content from 5+ years keeps popping up on my feed. Also the censorship is out of control as well

Just fantastic

yhis game suks

Just fantastic

Picture in picture


Paying for YouTube premium and still can't use picture in picture.

You tube review

Arthur P Obrzut

You people should not be in business of censoring what people choose to watch or if they have different views. You tube is become a propaganda machine together with other tech giants. I grew up in a socialist country when I was a kid, let me tell all you computer geeks, wake up before you do irreversible damage to this beautiful country. Get out from behind a screen go travel the world learn little history and you just might get a small amount of common sense. Education without a common sense is like being a computer, you have all the knowledge but if you don’t know how to use it you are just dumb.



Thank you all for this platform. This presentation was informative, inspiring, and timely.

This is a good thing to have


I think that YouTube is a good thing to have so you can see stuff that you want to know about what ever you like you can watch