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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Why are there commercial on kids channels


Yo YouTube why is there a 3 min add on insurance when my kid is watching blipp or brain candy. I get you’re trying to brain wash me but leave my kids out of it. Other than that I love YouTube but get rid of adds on kids channels.



Very good

YouTube Premium

Time Empress

I’ve been subscribing to YouTube premium for over a year. I do not like commercials. However the Contant suggested by YouTube is terrible! U2 does not suggest shows that I already watch and I am subscribed to. They are always suggesting mainstream shows that I do not enjoy which is why I even watch YouTube in the first place.

The best app


Very informative, and it has very interesting information according to everyone interest.

No thanks


Too much adds.

False information


They put the truth at the very bottom and make it hard to find. Another Facebook algorithm to shut us up when we are their BOSS

Terrible - Treats the user badly.


The app is like a hair trigger. You start to play something and half the time you set down the phone it jumps to a random video. There is no way they don't know this is an issue. You are no different than a rat in a cage with Youtube.

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No surround sound/dislike button


Why can’t YouTube make 5.1 sound channels available? Why did you take away dislike count? At least I know the answer to the second question. $ and censorship.



This has been happening recently. YouTube just randomly turns on restricted mode and the button to turn it off won’t let me turn restricted mode off. I have to delete the app and download it for it to turn off. Can you please fix that?