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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC



Great content but a ridiculous amount of advertising.

YouTube Premium


If you have Y. T. Premium (approximately $17.99 give or take), you will be able to watch MANY FULL MOVIES COMMERCIAL FREE, and, what seems like any and every EDUCATIONAL video out there, plus, plus, plus much more.

Age Restriction


Really youtube, you guys are going down the toilet because of the whole, censoring thing. You are all garbage human beings who do not deserve life.

Still Complete Trash!


Ridiculous, if you try scrubbing through a video it continually plays advertisements. Don’t you think it should allow you to scrub around without being bombarded by ads? Good one google, dropping that “Don’t be evil” slogan real nicely.

To many adds!!!!!!!


This app is amazing and great and lots of people like it but sadly with the way you guys add to many adds your app is going to crash and burn no one likes adds especially 2 at a time I think I speak for everyone when I say stop putting so many adds for everything or no one will wanna use this app good day and I hope you think about it

YouTube greatness

arics (jake)

I love waking up before school and opening up YouTube to see all the new post by my favorite YouTubers

Doesn’t know what o like


Only really recommended a lot of content I don’t like been watching regular tv more and the cheetah nd Chong movies are censored



Wow, restricting recent popular Fox News feeds since Ukraine invasion started. Guess there’s only one truth at google now. Nazis


Establishment shill

Enough with the biased censorship across the entire platform. Bring back the dislike count. Makes you seem dishonest and politically motivated. With a sinister motive.

Favorite app for music!


I need this issue fixed but every time I open up my playlist it’ll slide back down & completely close like I’m not in the middle of listening to a song from the middle of my playlist which loses the spot I was in, it won’t play the next video in like on my playlist, it just stops altogether after one video & I can’t pull up the tab where my playlist should be.