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What the App doesn’t do and the cost of the app.

out of oatience

I have had this app for about 3 or more years. The cost is just a bit to much for what little the app provides. It’s just seems to not be worth it to me anymore for the cost. I am ok with listening to commercials compared to 13.99 a month plus tax. That’s more than what most tv apps cost to watch a month and you can’t watch movies on this app.

Always Helpful and always there


My go to source for response to questions that occur almost daily for recipes, cooking, sewing on a snap, who’s that person, help me sleep. And to be honest it’s where I go when I’m just totally bored. For me most reliable, period.

The reason why I like YouTube

camden curlee

I think you guys have the most fun things to watch I have learned so much

Removed Dislike count canceling subscription


As of Nov 2021: One of the best things about YouTube is finding ACTUAL HELPFUL tutorials and informative videos, one of the BEST and fastest ways to find said content is by looking at the dislike count. Especially if you are running out of time on a assignment in school. How am I supposed to USE any of this content correctly if I can’t see the dislike count? And I’m being serious. I am canceling my YouTube Red subscription (YES I have had the YouTube premium subscription that long) if it is not put back immediately. I am not kidding. I will use all sorts of ad block and you, Google, or do you want to be called alphabet, put the dislike counter back. Removing it feels like it may have been caused by or started by a certain group of people too and that REALLY makes me uncomfortable with who is running Alphabet soup. Seriously put the live chat back OR give the option to use the old one as well. It is very hard to see a tiny box of the video on the left.



It always freezes I have an iPhone so like why I can’t be Even listen to my music and I have to keep downloading the app over and over so fix that

Best video app


This app is almost as good as pornhub



Bored watch YouTube

App has become unusable


I’ve recently disconcert a glitch which causes videos to not play. They load up as normal but the video never plays.

Everything is boring

bigbug 1325

YouTube used to show me interesting stuff that I’d have fun watching now it’s just like 20 minutes of scrolling to find a video that can hold my attention for like one or two minutes I’m so over it