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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream is free iOS app published by Google LLC

Best app ever


Best app ever

Stop selling to me a YouTube subscription


How many times do I have to say no to a YouTube subscription before you get it???



Best app for music. So many throwbacks. So many different people and vibez m. I’m loving it

Great premium benefits but not for $15!!!


Make the premium cheaper! i will not renew my subscription until it’s cheaper!!

Enjoying my YouTube so much at my very old age of 77.

Anthony,4 Get about it!

I never knew how to read and write until I was in my 20s..I found YouTube by mistake but it’s not a mistake that I found it.. This amazing way of Learning new things in my life .. As a senior citizen learning new things in life is so wonderful !!!you’re never too old to learn something new..As a Wise man once said and he or she was so right... There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t spend hours on watching my YouTube.. I just wish I had a better and bigger iPad, they’re just so expensive . Medicare doesn’t cover these types of things and they should...Anyway thank you to the inventors of this wonderful invention. Thank you very much. Anthony

I love


so awesome and funny and amazing so people who are new rate it good <3


Aidan pason

It good but because your account does not have a channel does not mean taht you can’t go in that account



This is the United States of America and in the USA we have the first amendment. All of you at YouTube should be ashamed of what you have done. This is an evil platform, governed by a world agenda through a technocracy.


albert the dinousor sloth

Thank YouTube but try to make it safe for kids ok

I learn a lot using You Tube I like it is free to me as a user.


I like You Tube, because is free to me.