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How to cancel pass the pass for a few months?

Awful Customer Service

Saylor Stratton

I got a new phone and was logged out of all of my apps. I have 2-Step verification on my Uber app through a third party app. I was also logged out of that app so I am unable to use it until I reconnect to my Uber account, which I need to be able to log into my Uber account to do. I have been emailing back and forth with Uber for two weeks and they continue to ignore my problem and give me the exact same “solution” that will not work. It have been very frustrating and I am unable to make a new account because it is connected to my phone number.



Doesn’t always have the correct location for the restaurant you choose (even if the address listed is correct). When I asked for a refund since they had it mislabeled and took us to the wrong location (we didn’t know it was until getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere since we weren’t from the area), they told me that I should have double checked to avoid their mistake...haven’t had to deal with this since switching to Lyft. Update: I did try to contact Uber and resolve this at the time. I was told the location would be fixed, but too bad for me to have missed my reservation and I couldn’t be refunded. To respond to this review with a generic response means nothing. As I told Uber at that time; I would no longer use their service until at a minimum I got refunded for their mistake. The ball is in their court after I tried to resolve it, not mine. Until then I’ll encourage anyone I know to avoid their service if that’s how they want to treat people that have used them for years.

Bad customer support


If you block a user from login in, get the user a fast smart solution to get access to the account. Usually when you try to use the app is because you need a ride now so you need a solution now!

Uber update on iPhone


My Uber app will not update what to do about it my phone is a iPhone 6 don’t tell me it won’t do it on this phone because it’s a lie



This is one raggedy app Lyft is so much better like I kept on saying my email wasn’t registered and it was saying my password was wrong and I had did my password 7 times how could my password be wrong 7 times and not to mention I was making new accounts and all seven times it kept saying my password was wrong and my email wasn’t registered and my phone number was not associated with that account if I could I would not give it a single star

Uber app does not work on Iwatch


Works perfect on iPhone. All of my friends have also tried Uber app on I watch but cannot get it to work. Zero stars.

Beware of identity theft and no support staff!!

They do not care!

I download the Uber app (and Uber eats) about a year ago and tried it once but I didn’t like my experience, therefore I never used it since. I have moved to a new location and I only used Lyft for the past year and grub hub and never had any issues and if I did they were resolved immediately and best of all they have numbers I can call or respond immediately to emails. Now year later, I am receiving tons of emails with an old Uber account with rides and trips that I did not authorize! I had to call my bank and have a new card issued because $90 was taken from me. If I had not done so over $300 would have been stolen. Worst part is Uber will not issue a refund and it takes hours from a response (literally a day) from support from the chat in the app. I had to make a new Uber account to speak with someone because there is no number I can call. When I finally did receive some messages it was questions asking me for information then after I gave all information, I was told I cannot receive a refund because there were similarities with both my accounts. Mind you I’m telling them I can’t even get into my account that’s being hacked! Someone change the number and the password! And once they couldn’t use my card anymore they using another card under my account and I don’t know whose account it is! I asked Uber to delete both accounts and remove my email and to send me a confirmation of that and I demanded a refund because why should I have to pay for being a victim of identity theft!! There lack of support in this matter is disgusting and now I will have to go through explanatory measures in order to protect my identity because the remaining charges I did not authorize!! Thanks for nothing Uber support team.

Push notification


Never send a push notification ad to my phone.

Used to love this app

Jelly jelli

This app used to be a lot better but now a bunch of wackos have joined to drive for uber and I have not had a good experience. They give you a low rating for things that are completely out of your control or for no reason, I make sure I am the best passenger I can be and am always polite so to get a bad rating is a real bummer because then some drivers won’t accept you if you are below a certain number. Also the riders are sometimes really creepy or I can’t communicate well with them (which I have no problem with but then they get mad which isn’t my fault) I don’t know, it’s just really unfortunate because my rides cost quite a bit because I’m on the outskirts of town and I tip well so I feel I haven’t deserved the attitude a good 7/10 drivers give me. Some people working for this app really do not belong and I feel they need to do a video call interview or something before letting them drive for uber.

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