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Uber is your private driver in more than 50 countries.
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- Request a ride using the app and get picked up within minutes. On-demand service means no reservations required and no waiting in taxi lines.

- Compare rates for different vehicles and get fare quotes in the app. Use PayPal or add a credit card to your secure account so you never need cash on hand.

- Set your pickup location and final destination for an easy trip. Get connected to your personal driver and check the progress of your Uber at any time.

- Sit back, relax, and go anywhere you want. We'll email you a receipt when you arrive at your destination.

An entirely new and modern way to travel is at your fingertips.



i put in the wrong address for my uber eats and i realized as soon as i did but it wouldn’t let me cancel my order. i’ve spend 20 mins trying to cancel before the food was even made. i even called up the actual restaurant and told them not to make it but still, no refund no nothing. i looked at the “Help” options and tried following directions but there was nothing i could do to cancel my order.

fraudulent charges

Literally every single time I’ve used Uber my card gets hacked through them. Then I am the one who has to sit here, get a new card and re-enter it into every service I use that has monthly payments. I haven’t used Uber in YEARS because of it. I ordered an Uber for a friend in hopes that in a couple years they would change their security for the better but no dice because there is a 15.09$ charge now pending on my account for NO REASON.


Won’t let me order a ride or uber eats!!! Wth is going on

I was made feel unsafe and charged for it

I was going to miss my flight out of Paris because the driver didn’t follow the route his navigation system gave him. I booked another flight but it was from a different Paris airport so I needed to turn around I told him my issue and told him that I’m trying to change it on the Uber app as he just kept driving further and further away from where I now needed to go. The Uber app was no letting me change the destination even though it provided the option to do so. I asked the driver to pull over so I could cancel my ride and he refused. He wouldn’t let me out of the car and he got onto the highway. I needed to be out of the car and he wouldn’t let me. I contacted my friends and family to tell them and I was told to cancel my ride. I cancelled the ride because I had no other choice since he would not let me out of his vehicle. He continued driving and then starting yelling at me about owing him money since he kept driving against my will. I then tried to discuss with Uber through the app where I got very little to none help. Two months later I am being charged a €62 cancellation fee for the DRIVERS inconvenience. I was very unconvinced by him not letting me out of the car and being taken further away from my destination after I had asked 15-20 times to be let out of the car and then screamed at. The distance I was taken after I asked to stop ended up charging me €110. I was charged extreme amounts for no reasonable cause, I was made feel unsafe and in danger and I was put in a very bad place.

One way ticket during vivid crisis!

Driver has told me Uber discourages riders due to vivid crises. Well I went one way and the app said there are no cars available when I know they are all here ready to work. Had to walk 2.9 miles on the road with no shoulder. So they would rather get you hit by a car than make you and the driver happy.

Horrible app

There’s always something wrong with the app, or it’s always giving drivers trouble.. horrible...

Doesn’t take Apple Pay

Don’t waste your time

Use at your own risk. Useless out of date support information.

Used this app a couple years ago and it was adequate then. I can’t get into to my own account because it wants to verify old out of date payment information I no longer have. The incompetent support sent me to a help page that is totally useless and provides no mention or remedy for this issue. They appear to failed to update their on help system. Does there help team even bother to look to see if the answer is on the page they send people to for a solution? This is a very pitiful support system especially when you grasp the technical sophistication of writing their software code. This is a very unforgivable oversight for a technology company this size. It is shamefully embarrassing. I am glad I don’t work for them and have to standby such incompetence.

What a rip-off!
KTs iTunes

I can’t believe how terrible this company has become in Aurora, IL in the past few weeks! I’m handicapped, and have been stranded by 3 separate drivers on my past 3 trips. One drove off with the cash I handed him to hold the vehicle (another driver said it’s illegal to be accepting cash from passengers). Apart from being bad service it goes against the Americans with Disabilities Act. They should consider having their Uber Eats drivers swapping places with their regular drivers, the service is so much better! Would recommend everyone I know to switch to Lyft or a reliable local cab service immediately, no more using Uber unless there are immediate changes to stop this from happening to disabled people in future.


I’ve had $32 of Uber credit on my account since the last time I upped it. But it isn’t working. I’ve tried to order rides and even food. But every time it say “payment invalid” I don’t know the issue I’ve tried it multiple times on different days.. I want it fixed.

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