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Uber - Request a ride is free iOS app published by Uber Technologies, Inc.

Uber is not a 24/7 service available to the public

Adonis L Fitz

I’m so tired of getting off work and expecting to use a “24/7” car service that’s never available. Your service availability is so unreliable.

Great app


Everything that you want/need is right in front of you. Easy to use and understand.

Can’t use ?


I used to use Uber all the time. Then my account got merged I guess with one I had three years ago. Since the merge NOTHING on Uber has worked for me. None of my payment methods. And it tells me every time there’s an error scheduling. I hate that I have this problem because I use Uber all the time to get to work.



It says unknown error occurred when I try to login to my account using my phone number.

Scheduling future ride function never works

can never schedule rides

The scheduling future ride function is available in the app, but it will never allow scheduling future rides, not even 5 to 15 minutes ahead. Yet, u can order the just-in-time ride if u wait 5 to 15 minutes. The driver will respond immediately. This means the drivers are available and stupid function does not work.

Uber is a fraud


Woke up to my account being -$253 please anybody that’s use of this app don’t use it. A trip all the way from Russia

Impossible to use


This app use to be so fundamental and easy to use.. now it’s a sloppy mess with all these new integrations and absolutely no customer service help. Over the past months I’ve had a problem accepting my sister’s Family profile account. It keeps saying there’s an error. I can’t even speak to a representative.. I can only use their help section in app, which doesn’t even help me resolve it just teaches me what I already know. But they don’t address fixes.. so till then I’ll be deleting the app, and using Lyft and will advise my family and friends to start using Lyft as well.. Uber.. your losing your way.

Zero support


Driver doesn’t show up and they bill me $5. Support link in email doesn’t work, no phone number, no support. How can such a large company provide so horrible customer service?

Lyft is better

Real Jack Herer

I’ve been using Uber for six years and over the course of that time I’ve seen their customer service go from bad to worse. There is no phone number for support. There is a phone number for reporting sexual assaults, which should tell you something. Their service is so bad that they have to have a phone number to deal with the large number of sexual assaults. Keep in mind these are sexual assaults that they kept quiet by forcing victims to sign non-disclosure agreements. If your business is built on pissing off passengers, and exploiting drivers as slave labor, how long can it last? Why get into an Uber car when Lyft is doing things the right way?

No customer service


I needed to log back in after a while of non use and the log in required my old credit card I no longer had access to and made it impossible to sign back into my account. Sounds like an easy enough fix for CS right? Well yeah except talking to a real person isn’t possible and their online system either doesn’t respond at all or gives you non answers every time. Will now be using Lyft exclusively and have had to waste a $50 gift card.

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