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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Great game


Great game brings back a lot of good memories ❤️❤️❤️

Tiny Wings King!


I’ve loved this game since I first had it on my iPod touch in 2013. It continues to be my favorite game on mobile.

Silly but fun


I find myself playing this game often. Cute concept. What ever happened to new islands coming soon?



Why does this no longer receive updates??



Best ever amazing yes

Same beautiful calming game we remember

Ophelia Fae

I had some free App Store credits so I decided to jump for an old favourite. As addicting and beautiful as I remember, I found myself humming the tune almost immediately. The nostalgia is priceless, but 1.99 is perfectly fine all the same. Thank you for a well rounded and simple game.



a very fun, classic game. unfortunately, a little too rigged and hard once you reach a certain point. It is beyond impossible to reach the 4th island and go through it on fever mode, and even harder to compete in the challenges on the later islands.

OP birds


i love this game, like it’s addicting! But in flight school the other birds are always way too good or OP. like it gets really frustrating not being able to beat any level. So maybe knock the bots a little. other than that it’s awesome!

Major nostalgia.


I remember playing this on my first gen iPod Touch when i was around six or seven. I saw it again today on my phone and it brought back so many memories. I played it and it is still the classic game I remember. Good job developers for not going down the route of Rovio. Also thank you for keeping this great game on the app store for us to continue to enjoy. Much love.

Best game


I used to play this game on my 3rd gen iPod 9 years ago and it was the only game I kept playing for longer than two months. The game is so smooth and relaxing. Get this game instead of dune which is ridden with ads.