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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Amazing but...


I love this game so much! It’s been one of my favorite games now for several years but after a while I’m getting bored. After you finish flight school, it says more islands coming soon. But it’s said that for many years so I’ve given up hope that you will add islands. Please add some more islands to flight school as that would make it much more enjoyable. Another suggestion is maybe a shop. After collecting the coins in solo mode, you could go to the shop and buy new birds to play as and new nests. That would be fun and interesting to try out. These are some suggestions that a lot have people have talked about so I hope you think about them. Thank you.

Amazing game


One of the best games to ever be uploaded to the App Store. Zero annoying ads, consistent yet still fun gameplay, and AMAZING artwork and music! Any app should aspire to be as quality as this one!

Classic game


I remember playing this game when I was in high school and using an iPhone 3G. Time goes past and this game is still as good as I remember. Brings back good memories.



Is it possible to reach the 4th island without a great slide? It seems to be impossible.



I remember this game from years ago when my dad and I would play it, so happy I remembered it! It’s a lovely game.



I have loved this game from the beginning. It would be great to see it updated with support for the screen resolution of the new iPad Pros!

Awesome and brings back memories but 1 problem

A casual Birb

I’ve played this game since I was little and downloaded again because I really missed the nostalgia. For some weird reason, when the bird starts, no music plays. I made sure the settings said music was on, switched it multiple times, deleted and reinstalled, and still nothing. Please get this fixed soon because I truly love this game.

Still the best


Classic and all the best dune hopping game! Love it

I love this game


This game is so fun! I love it so much it never crashes and the graphics are beautiful! 😃

Great game! Could use some updates! :)

Racing lover

It has been almost couple of years since the last update of Tiny Wings 2.0. But at long last, on August 13, 2014, Tiny Wings FINALLY receives a new update, featuring a new island with 5 new levels, "Tuna Islands". These new islands now include underground tunnels in the hills. I wish you can be able to skip objectives by using the coins you've collected and get the multipliers and nests, faster. I'm sure it would be a smart choice to update this feature, ESPECIALLY, if anyone has a REALLY HARD time to complete these objectives. 1.) "Fly throught the 4th Island in Fever Mode". 2.) "Reach the 9th Island". Also, I wish there is a way to change the CPU's skill in flight school. :) Have a nice day! :D

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