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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

I love this game so, so much!!

CF Spawn

I’ve been playing this game since before I can remember, on 3 different phones. It’s always been super fun and interesting, and I can play it over and over again and not get bored, because every day the hills are different. The music is super relaxing and fun, and I just overall love this game. + you can play off WiFi!

Super Addicting

NyanSugarLoli (iPhone)

I play this game literally everyday! Even though it may be a little stressful on some levels it’s an amazing app! I do play some games that are really alike this app is definitely my favorite, ;D

Fourth Island


I can’t get past the fourth island in fever mode :(

A new island

Dh kids9857

When is the next island in Flight School gonna come out?

An instant classic game from iOS


Remember well when this game was featured in a Apple Keynote way back in the first years of the App Store starting to thrive with games. The art style really atracted me, and gameplay, promising. Got an iPhone a couple years later and saw why many websites were amazed with the game. The gameplay is very arcade style in you can keep going by skill and rack up points, but unlike many arcade games, its a very relaxing game. The art style has such a happy, feel good, type of setting that gors well with the music and playful physics of jump-sliding through hills. Each hill area also feels like it was random generated, and keeps a feel of variety. Definitely a great example of simple phone controls with depth in gameplay, plus replay value. The race addition mode of playing the chicks to be the first to mama bird is also genius in reusing some assets with new ones, without feeling cheap. I am glad this is still in the app store and will be superior to any other flappy bird ever. Download this instead.



I love this game. It is a great way to kill time and is extremely fun and addicting. There is the option to play with one bird trying to beat your high-score, or race against other birds trying to get first place! Although the game costs money, it it’s totally worth the buy. My friends and I constantly play the game and compete who has the highest score. I do have a few suggestions that I hope the app could include. One being a way to race your friends by playing together online. Another being a way to change your bird by unlocking costumes. These ideas will make the game more interesting and addicting to play. Overall, it is a great app that never gets boring or old as I have had it downloaded for years nows.


Big old b

This game is by far the hardest game I have ever played. The ads are ridiculous, the AI birds always win, and controlling the bird is hard! All in all, this app is ridiculously harder than it has to be.

More modes would be awesome


Loved this game ever since it came out but I've always wanted more options to play. An arcade mode with fun power ups would be cool and a zen mode so you can fly as long as you want would also be a welcome addition.

Zoey loves this game


I love this game it is so fun with no ads and the birds are so cute I would recommend this game to everyone



This is a solid game on mobile. I'm a PC and console gamer and I love this game. Worth every penny.