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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

I just can’t stop!

Rett is useless

This is most definitely the best mobile game ever okok let me list the reasons 1. No ads. 2.different game modes. And 3. It’s satisfying! Would recommend!

This is my favourite game period


I’ve been playing with this game for almost 10 years. When I feel stressed or bored I come to this game and play for a while. For some reason I can easily get into deep thoughts when I play this game.

Tiny wings


Best game ever brought my childhood back

Brings back good memories


Nostalgic game



Awesome game for kids

no adds on this one ?

bubbles for u

This game is adorable and I love the sounds the little bird makes. Sssso cute <3

10/10 recommend

Beth 0_0

The game overall works very well, there are no glitches or problems. The sound effects honestly make me giggle every time I hear them and overall it’s just a cheery game!

best phone game i ever played


so good, i love the graphics and the overall calm feel compared to other mobile games, and the gameplay is really fun too.



The title says it all. Awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome EVERYTHING. I’ve been playing this on my iPad mini since I was six, and wow, major nostalgia. Three requests: 1. please make more islands for the racing section. 2. Make another bird for the day trip section. 3. Developer, keep up the good work. 4. Please give names for the islands on the racing mode. I can’t hardly ever figure out which is which. It’s still awesome, though. Today I’m twelve, and this is the best relaxing game. Period. Also hurry up with the next set of islands on flight school. Otherwise best game I’ve ever played on a ipad. Also way too addicting. I can’t ever stop playing.

Simple fun


Simple fun