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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger



Glad to see this game still getting support

Simply the best


This is the only game that I’ve never deleted from my phone. Legitimately. It’s simplicity and beautiful visuals make it one of the classics and best games of all time on iOS.

Latest release responds with huge delay to taps

Pan Robert

Tiny Wings is great game! But latest release made it completely unplayable on my iPhone 6S. Very often the tap is recognized with a huge delay, so it is very hard to jump around with a fever. Not sure what exactly was changed or “optimized” by the creator, but needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The best game on iOS


This is one of my favorite games of all time. It's simple, it's fun, there's no microtransactions, and the music is beautiful. I can easily play it for hours. Whenever I run out of space on my phone, this is always the last thing to go, but only if I absolutely have to delete it. Seriously. Get this game.

All time classic

Fawkes Wei

Must have game on iPhones

One of the best iOS games of all time

David Levine

Tiny Wings has been a great iOS game for as long as I can remember. It gets small updates for compatibility on new devices, but that’s all it needs at this point. It’s a fully polished game that is very enjoyable and everyone should own.

Still update


I purchased when I was using iPhone 4. It still update at iPhone X era. Totally worth the money.

Still gets updated


I didn’t expect the dev to update the game for iPhone X. The game released 6 years ago. We don’t see many devs supporting their apps for this long. Much appreciated!

I really like watermelon


I lied

This game is beautiful


I’m sure the dev is so proud of this game. It’s simple, elegant, and a classic App Store masterpiece.