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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

The best game


This game was my high school career. Happy to be playing it again. Also, is the the only game in the App Store without any ads?!?!

Great game.

Armed Krusader

I remember playing this game a long time ago. And to this day it’s still one of my go to’s as far as replay value. The only issue I’m having right now is, I can’t seem to get the music to work. I tried to restart the game and restart my phone, but it doesn’t work. Hopefully a patch comes out soon. Other than that, 10/10!

Simple yet best game on IOS


Getting the final nest was one of my favorite moments in gaming and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

9th grade


This is the most 9th grade (2010) game it’s so sick

Old memories


This game was my child hood for 10 years and I forgot the name and just now remembered and redownloded for that nostalgia feeling

A true classic that still holds up to this day


The gameplay is still fantastic and so are the visuals of this game I remember this one fondly



Going back to this game quite a few years after I first played it brought back waves of nostalgia and nearly made me cry. It’s as fun as it used to be. Phenomenal.

The race mode is straight impossible


AI birds gain speed in mid air or on jumps that even slow you down. You have to have an absolutely perfect run and that isn’t even good enough most of the time. Developers made this game impossible and frustrating even for good players.



Always have loved this game.



fun after many years

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