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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger



I've downloaded, deleted for lack of space, forgotten, remembered, and re-downloaded this app many times since I got my iPod touch 6 years ago. It's always been a staple for me, great for killing time, beautiful islands, cute fat bird, etcetera. Of course, I've been working on the "fly through island 4 in fever mode" pretty much all 6 of those years and I'm not sure what I'll do if I actually get it.



Is best game never have a better Yes

Don't WASTE YOUR time


So you invest tons of hours in getting better and better to move onto the next island. However, once you get to island 9, the sun sets at such a rapid rate vs how much time you have on previous islands, that it's virtually impossible to continue in the game. It's almost as if the game designer speeds up the clock on you once you get to island 9 so that you can't progress in the game:( Not fair or fun.

I will never stop loving this game


It's more than a game, it a adventure full of memories that truly hooks you in. You feel like your in the game, like your one of the birds flying competitively, but at the same time—without a care in the world. A truly remarkable game that I would rate 100 stars if I could. Thank you for sharing this game, adventure, an experience with us. ♡

Basically get impossible


After you complete a lot of the flight school it becomes very difficult and you just can't beat it



This is a great game, but sometimes I feel like the computer is unrealistically good. I also wish there was an online multiplayer option.

Tiny wings is my waifu

be rbtbt

Tiny wings is the best game I've ever played if the sh*t nibba

Nostalgic as ever


I remember playing this game years ago, and while looking at the top charts recently I saw this game! I loved playing it and when I downloaded it I had such an exciting feeling. This really is one of the greatest mobile games out there. I love the music and art style and it's easy and fun to play. I would say that it's worth buying for everyone.

I finally get it on my phone

BG 1234

I used to play this one my moms phone until it started to cost money :( i finally got to buy it and my sweet tiny wings u r the best thing ever!

Love this game


Everyone should have this game good graphics had it since it first cam out