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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger



Dude this game is literally the best. i played this on my brothers ipod for as long as i can remember, but eventually it broke and i forgot about it. i recently remembered it and bought it right away, and it's just as good as i remember! the music is good, the colors are good, the vibes are good. worth the money.


angry at tik tok

I loved this game as a kid

Classic game

Cedrick Brooks

Brings back many childhood memories, great for long car trips. It’s a simple game but a fun game to play whenever bored. Strongly recommend

More islands please!!

Alexis Story

I love this game so much but it says that there are more islands coming soon. It’s been 7 years. Please make some new ones! <3

Best Game

Pen1s man

Best game ever! Super fun and challenging. Amazing that they still release new islands even though the game is old, and there are never ADs or in-app purchases.

Stuck for Years


I’ve been stuck on the same level since 2012. Get through all of island four in fever mode?! That’s kind of intense. If someone could just “bump” me along, it would be much appreciated. I would play more if I didn’t keep having to try this one thing that I’ve failed at hundreds of times. ?

Hella fun


I Bought this game on my iPod back in 2012 and I’ve literally had it on every new device! Its a super addictive game

This Takes Me Back


Brooooo this takes me back. Couldn’t believe this app was still around when I found it. Played this eight or nine years ago as a kid. Really brings back good memories, and the vibe to the app is super relaxing and makes you feel good inside. So glad I found this again.

A Timeless Classic


I’ve loved this game since I was a little kid and I still do!

Love this game


Incredibly soothing satisfying and fun game