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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

holds up


this used to be my favorite game in 2011 and i redownloaded it last night for the heck of it and it holds up. solid game bro i havent stopped thinking about it in 10 years



First thing I downloaded after switching back to apple for the first time in half a decade.

Still an absolute gem ?

Michelangelo C

Haven’t played this game since I had gotten my first iPod back in middle school. Still super fun and much better than a lot of games years later. Never written a review but hope the dev sees this and gets a smile. Thanks for the fun memories!

Beautiful and elegant


This game has withstood the test of time. The art style is beautiful, the gameplay is compelling, and the mix of single player and multiplayer game modes is tasteful. Worth the money!

Simple, Calming and Amazing


The music and sfx of this game are great, I highly recommend playing with headphones. The game is very relaxing to play, great when you’ve just finished a busy day. The controls are simple and yet very fun to learn to master. It is definitely worth the $3.

Awesome game!


I really love this game! I’ll never stop plying it. It’s fun, plain, and simple. The music is relaxing and you can actually release some stress while playing the game.

Godly Game


Yes, my opinion is probably twisted by nostalgia. I also don't care. It's amazing.

This game is awesome.


This game is fun, memorable, and great music. I love the hills and how you play in general,

absolutely love this game


This is my favorite game on the App Store. It’s relaxing to just play on regular mode when you need a break from work/school/anything, but also fun to focus on the races and challenges. The graphics are amazing and adorable, and I’ve never had a problem with it not working or lagging. A+ game!

really good


I like this game when my mom died she said to play this game but I sayed no but then i played it and she camed back to life thank you so much ❤️