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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Beautiful & Relaxing App


Beautiful painting style of this app, always play this to relax

Optimize for iPad Pro


Been a long time fan of the game on my iPhone but when I bought my 11” iPad Pro and saw it didn’t fit the screen that disappointed me. Making the game promotion and fit the screen would be great. Especially to compete against other games that are similar but do work on the iPad Pro such as altos oddesy.

the best one


i don’t know why voodoo has more downloads than this game. it’s a pleasure to play, no ads

So soothing


The music, the gameplay, HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE THIS GAME

Flappy Love

Logi Burr

Always & forever flappy 🥰

This game hasn’t changed.💕


I love this game so much!! So simple but such a good game.

i love this game!


it keeps me happy, stable, and at peace. i’ve been playing for years.

love it


played this as a kid and so i tried it today still love totally worth it!!!



Wish they still updated it

The reason to buy an Apple product


This is the best game on iOS. Normally I’m an android person, but this game justifies the purchase of an iPad.

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