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5/5 rating based on 187 reviews. Read all reviews for Tiny Wings for iPhone.
Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Fun and relaxing


This game is a fun challenge with great music and a cool pastel watercolor aesthetic. Worth every penny!

Great game, could have more features


I think being able to race online players would be a cool feature.

Horribly designed


No incentive to get first. Only objective is to memorize the stupid hills... pandering game trying desperately to stay relevant by pandering to children... pathetic

Only soundtrack I can remember on any video game


There’s nothing about this game I would change. Flawless in every way for 6 years.



Wow I guess I came here at the right time! It says updated one minute ago! Anyways, to the developer (if you see this) are you aware of the new app called dune that is very clearly a ripoff of this app? I mean, the entire idea is stripped right from tiny wings and it’s comepletely the same accept it has more boring looking graphics. I don’t know. I guess it’s just something that you should know.


Coolgirl 10

This game is unfair because the computer players can go so much faster than you in water so unfair



i’ve been playing this game for literally ever, one of my first apps. finally coming back, it’s pretty much exactly the same. i don’t think there are any new islands, so that’s kinda sad. either way i’ll always love this game

The perfect app


I got this game when it was free on iOS 4 on my iPod Touch 2nd generation as an elementary schooler. A few days ago (now in college) I went to redownload the game only to realize I didn't have it on my new apple ID - I spent the $1.99 without hesitation. The developer has always made sure to keep their game up to date with the latest OS and screen sizes. The game has never had a bug or a glitch. It is a beautiful and soothing wholesome game. It gets me through difficult times. Thank you, kind developer.

Worth paying for


Great game, never gets old and in a world of in app purchases for under two bucks you get a full game (and a great one) one of the few games I’d recommend to everyone

Cool Game, but could be better!


Hey this game rocks BUT... I would love a multiplayer version where u can add your friends and race!! Also, maybe a practice level. For example: you could practice only island 4 or 8 but besides that, so fun and addicting!