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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Absolute waste of $2


all the good reviews must be fake lol this game is terrible. shoulda bought a coke. used to love this game as a kid n got it for when i’m stuck w no service. the game has impossible mechanics that make me want to throw my brand new iphone 13 pro max against a brick wall.

Great og game


Great game

Best game ever


I remember this game from my childhood it’s so calm and amazing everything about it

Very Nostalgic


I searched up “bird games” on the App Store and this popped up. This was my childhood. My mom had this game on her iPod and it was legendary at the time. I still believe it’s a great game.

Great game!!


I love this game sm!! It’s so fun and a great way to pass the time! If your thinking about downloading it do it 100% worth it

my favorite game

A Troubled Phoebe

i've played this since i was a kid and it's always remained my favorite game

Wonderful game!

Nozzies fun

I’ve been playing this game for years, and it is one of the highest quality mobile games out there! I wish they’d add more islands, and birds. The music, sound effects, and gorgeous design of the game make it a soothing experience. A couple suggestions of features to add from a fan. It’d be awesome if you could create your own custom bird, or get little hats and accessories for them. Overall, a fantastic game, and incredibly relaxing.

Lovely soothing nostalgic game


Please play this beloved classic!

Keep coming back


Started playing years ago, and keep coming back, resetting, and playing again. Great to pass the time for a couple minutes or longer. No concerns with losing progress. Just no frills fun.

All-time classic

Celeron Hubbard

2 years after the last game update and NINE years after its release, this game is STILL #4 on the top casual games. It’s not hard to see why. Incredibly addictive, cute, very catchy music, unique art style and even more unique game mechanic. One of my favourite pick-up-and-play games of all time, on any platform. Other great games have disappeared, for example when Apple cutover to 64-bit-only, and that was a great shame. I hope this game persists forever. It’s timeless.