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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

I’m 11 and I play it



$1.99? Take my money

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Love this game as a kid and recently re downloaded for a small price used to be free I think but oh well they have added a fresh new game mode

Great game!


I used to play this as a kid when I was younger. It was always a fun game to me and earlier today I started thinking about it. So I decided that once I got home I’d take a trip down nostalgia lane and play my once favorite game again. All of my previous high scores and names were still there, too! This game was fun as a kid and I still have a fun time playing it now.



This game is a evreyday play for me! I love it! No bugs (so far) amazing backgrounds, sweet controls, and pretty birds! Nothing is to hard nor easy, it’s a challenge game! Not to get stressed over though, If something goes wrong or doesn’t work out, you can observe! See what went wrong and fix it. Thank you developers, This game is great!!!

Ahhhh so good!!!


I used to play this all the time as a kid and I LOVED IT. And when I decided to re download it I was certainly not disappointed



The adrenaline is high! I finally after 37 tries, I beat the objective I couldn’t do! WOOHOO!!!

Love this game

Cheese -Olivia

Omg i literally love this game it was my childhood I found this game again because my cousins were playing it and like it’s amazing getting to play it again

Good game


This game is good for my kid because this game keeps him simulated and he draws these little pictures of his own flightless birds

Breath taking

Cat Splash

I love this game. From the calming music to the cute little birds, from just playing it this game will have you in a chill mood. I had played this game when I was younger, and coming back to it had not only brought back good nostalgia, but also great vibes for the rest of the day. I honestly feel like more mobile games should be like this, or at least try to be, because it has definitely put an impact on many people, including me. Definitely recommend.

Very Nostalgic

I LoVe TiNy WiNgS

I Had This Game On My Dads Phone When I Was Little. I LOVE This IOS Classic

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