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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Been playing for years


This is the only game I’ve ever kept around and continued playing.


Captin Balls

One of the best games I’ve played and found

Lefty problems on iPhone X


Classic game and amazing work by the dev to keep to keep it updated for years, but the iPhone X update makes the game nearly unplayable left-handed. There’s no comfortable place to tap without blocking your bird.

The update 2 days ago has broken the game!

TooCool SC430

The Tiny Wings update two days ago has resulted in the game not playing correctly. It doesn’t respond to finger touches and it’s much slower than normal. The sky is further in the background. The whole thing is skewed and not playing correctly. I have seen this before, but it was usually temporary. Does it really take this long to recognize the problem and fix it immediately? I’ve lost respect for the creator of this game. The game is currently unplayable.



No microtransactions, no ads, no bs. Great visuals and gameplay. Defo one of the goats if not the goat

Terrible, just Terrible


The physics are just horrible. Dune is a superior game. Just to list a few reasons... 1. The sun setting just stresses me out and go into a breakdown. 2. Dune has better handling and better controls. 3. Dune has better customization. I am actually able to choose what I look like. Come on guys make the upgrade go play dune and actually have fun for once. See you on the dune!!

An Amazing Game

Adam Frison

The skill-based arcade gameplay, two game modes, great visuals and music, as well as the lack of ads are all reasons to try this game. Will always be a classic and the reason I pick up my phone.

Still one of my favorites


Initially bought for my iPod touch in 2010, and it still remains one of my most memorable and fun games due to simplicity



I don't have that much to say but this game is very challenging when you want it and it was awesome you should buy this game

Good one


Simple relaxing & fun, challenge is there as well.