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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Absolute classic.

Alpha Ej 47

I just remembered this game and rushed to download it. Just played a round, and nothing’s changed. Great.

This Game Is a Joy to Play!

Aeon II

Tiny Wings is a cute classic of a game that I think every iPhone owner should have. The music and art style just make you feel happy, there’s no winning or losing, you just ‘fly’ as far as you can before the sun goes down. It’s relaxing, no pressure gameplay that I think many people will enjoy. That’s not to say Tiny Wings doesn’t reward skill. It’ll certainly take practice to really be able to analyze your trajectory and come tumbling down a slope at just the right time, but Tiny Wings is a simple, feel good game at heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way ?


Tim Tell

I recently downloaded this game onto my phone for the first time since my high school days. It’s a relaxing way to pass time, and as nerdy as it sounds, it gives me a lot of joy to hear how excited the little bird is when you help him touch the clouds or fly over to another island. The music adds a nice element as well. It’s the kind of game I play when I just want to have some fun and zen out, and the challenges give you some cool goals you can work through if you want to try for something other than a new high score or a new best in distance. Simply a wonderful game.

AMAZING! Update?


Pleaseeee :)

Great but not optimized for iphone 12

Omar ??

This game would get 5 stars for me if it fits the iphone 12 max withouth losing some of the details In the corners of the screen Other than that I love this game been playing it for lik5 years or more on another account ❤️





ExxotiC KoolaiD

great soundtrack, aesthetically pleasing visuals

Super fun!


I love this game it’s so much fun! I used to play it 24/7 when I was young and I finally found it again! I love it it’s so cute!

This is the only game on my phone

Quinn West

I’ve loved this app since it came out. No bugs, simple yet enjoyable gameplay! Also I love the music!

Too many fundamental bugs on iOS 14


Pop up warnings keep popping up interrupting game play.