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Tiny Wings is paid iOS app published by Andreas Illiger

Tiny Wings


I've been playing this game for at least six years now, on an iPod Touch, an iPad, and several iPhones. It's simply great, and it brings me even better memories and happiness. Thanks dev.

Best game on the App Store!


Been playing this since middle school, and I'm a sophomore in college now! It's endless fun with beautiful graphics and fun music. Good game to play when you're bored and passing time. I'd love to see new features added as I've already mastered the race challenges!

App Store Classic


I got this game when it first came out, and it has moved with me when I upgraded devices. Simple controls, simple concept, and has the “one more game” feel. In short, the perfect iPhone game.



Been playing for years. Thank you for such an awesome game.

Absolute favorite


I first downloaded this game many years ago during a trying time in my life, and now as a college student, I have rediscovered it just in time. It has helped me destress and relax. This game will forever be my favorite.

Island 4


Almost impossible to stay in fever mode all of island 4. Now I can’t really play to advance.

Best game ever


Thanks for updating it for iPhone X. I love this game and although I don't play it anymore but I don't want to see this game die.

Good But....


I love the game play it all the time but when in the racing level it favors the computer so you Gould be in first by a long shot but then you lose due to the game favoring the computer but this is an amazing app



When you start the game it's easy and everything but when you get more into the game the pink bird keeps winning even if your like close to the end the pink bird will win.When the birds hit the water they have like a superpower that will make them get out of the water after 1 second big when you hit the water you take like 10 seconds to get out of the water

Thank you


Thank you for making a game that has stored a nice memory of mine for almost 10 years.