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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.






It was a grate app but now I can even enjoy it It keep saying server error I can’t even send a text or anything

Talkatone is a good app



Nonsense app


After paying a huge sum of amount my app stop working

Once again it does not work

Talkatone Expert Doug

I have never seen an app that completely fails, I have a fine internet connection, I have an updated newish phone, I am having the same problems as everyone else, it won’t let you sign in—-WONT LET YOU GET YOUR OLD MESSAGES YOU NEED TOO— it’s as if this company has gone out of business, as there no updates or expectations of when it will be repaired. I would recommend any other app but this one. I could see a few hours of service disruption, but this is going on a week, and people depend on this number for their daily communication, some use it for work, family, and just general livelihood. This is bringing down that quality of life. This company, Talkatone, May not see it that way, but it is just terrible to loose communication, have to jump to another app, get a whole new number, tell all your contacts, friends, family, work, etc about this new number. SO FRUSTRATING ((by the way, some messages say “TEAM IS WORKING IN IT” I suspect they don’t have a team of anything, I really do.

Excessive attempt message


I installed app did all the procedures correctly. Once code is entered there is message saying” Excessive attempts detected. Gong to delete the app. Stupid app with demons robot rating it 4.7



Which I could give you 5star but the act of limiting daily text is kinda frustrating please do something about it



I just downloaded this app and it’s telling me there been a high number of login attempts lol never had this app before i don’t know why is saying this

Service start acting up

mo happen

I used this app for a few now the app is becoming hard to work with I’m hardly able to send text as they keep failing even after rebooting and restarting the application I don’t know what the reason for this but I’m disappointed.



Lovely app but there should be a way to text while on the phone with someone