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Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls is free iOS app published by TALKATONE, INC.

Best texting app


It’s easy to use and just like real texting

bad app


this is a bad calling app it doesn’t work all the time and you can’t call anyone on it the calls keep getting terminated no matter what you do its very annoying


Ant york

Not reconnecting any more



I swear I am so beyond frustrated with this app. I have sent SIXTEEN messages to my mother and each time I send one it says FAILED. I have 5G WiFi right now and for some reason this app will not send messages. Even images are hit-or-miss. Y’all need to get this crap fixed. It was a wonderful app for a short time, and sometimes I get these spells where this thing won’t function even on PAID. Fix it. Or remove it from the App Store.

Fair use limit crap


Y’all should really increase this goddamn limit or take it off the app completely. Because I can’t even talk to family and friends for 24 hours

Love Talkatone


I love the ease of using my Talkatone my call are clear and I have no problems

Censored words


Just when an app is perfect developers always find a way to ruin it themselves I don’t know why, it’s been 2 weeks and I can’t send words like ‘stupid’ ‘sex’ even idiot this doesn’t make any sense is it a glitch i edit my sentences all the time fix this it’s really annoying I’m giving it a one star



this app is beyond awful, I attempt to sign in and it says excessive sign in attempts every time


steven dye

I love it

Trash ?


I swear this app is just trash ? I can’t send photos so pls work on It